Review: Deception Point

Deception Point

Author: Dan Brown
Release Date: Deceber 1st, 2002 (originally 2001)
Publisher: Pocket Books
Pages: 556 (Paperback)
Format: Paperback
 Conspiracy | Mystery | Adventure
Series: —
Idiom: English
Read: from August 28 to September 9, 2011
Source & Shelf: Gift | Own
ISBN: 9780671027384 (Hardcover)



When a new NASA satellite detects evidence of an astonishingly rare object buried deep in the Arctic ice, the floundering space agency proclaims a much-needed victory…a victory that has profound implications for U.S. space policy and the impending presidential election.

With the Oval Office in the balance, the President dispatches White House Intelligence analyst Rachel Sexton to the Arctic to verify the authenticity of the find. Accompanied by a team of experts, including the charismatic academic Michael Tolland, Rachel uncovers the unthinkable – evidence of scientific trickery – a bold deception that threatens to plunge the world into controversy…

My Opinion:

*This review might contain spoilers*

I liked it… didn’t loved it.

Deception Point was a good conspiracy book despite the fact that both science and politics doesn’t particularly work for me. One of the things I absolutely loved about Dan Brown’s previous work with character Robert Langdon, was the amount of historical research behind it. Being a great lover of history and having a historian in the family, those books – specially Angels & Demons were kind of a masterpiece filled with action.

Of course that this book cannot be compared to Angels & Demons since the stories bases are completely different. Here you deal with a discovery that NASA found that would change the entire world point-of-view towards space; plus the fact that the White House is also a major character in this plot. 

The book is filled with action and there’s not a single chapter here that doesn’t deal with the main conspiracy. Each character is fundamental to the development of the story and I admit that they are very well described. 

I admit that the character that surprised me the most was the President Zach Herney and his compassion towards his people. Though there was a moment in the book in each I doubted him, believing he was behind the forgery of the meteorite, I just couldn’t help myself thinking how dull that was. 

However, in the middle of the book, the action centered around the big discovery made by NASA seems to get exhausted, tiring us with the running from one place to another, the hunting for truth and the complications of trying to find out who is behind all of this. 

Sure you do get a little bit surprised with the revelation of the person behind the forgery. But as soon as the character is revealed, little does his reasons mean for all of that. For me, it felt like an empty motive to make the world look foolish in believing in such an, what it looked like, vital finding. 

There was a moment in the book where I kind of got lost. There was too much information concerning the meteorite, the character of Rachel Sexton’s doubts towards the President shadowing my own POV, the Delta Team clearly irritating me with his poor attempts in killing three civilians and Gabrielle Ashe fear of her affair with Senator Sexton just seemed too forced.

Despite all its flaws, the book was entertaining and would, definitely, lead to an action-paced film for the lovers. 

As for me, conspiracies work better with a great amount of background history.

My Cups:

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4 thoughts on “Review: Deception Point

  1. I agree with you on so many points in this review. It was a good book but in comparison to Angels & Demons it was a huge letdown for me. Still, I enjoyed the book and there were a lot of great twists

    • Angels & Demons was so good that whenever I pick up a Dan Brown book I keep waiting for an amazing ride such as that one.

      Deception Point was good… but not as good as A&D and I missed Robert Langdon :S lol xD

      XX Ner

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