1,2,3… Casting!

It’s not news to people that I truly like to pick up actors to play any character on a book. So, I’ve decided to share with you my latest cast: “The Heir Chronicles” by Cinda Williams Chima. It’ll be only about “The Warrior Heir” and “The Wizard Heir” since my 3rd book hasn’t arrived… yet!

Liam Hemsworth as Jackson ‘Jack’ Swift | Daveigh Chase as Ellen Stephenson | Christoph Sanders as Will Childers

Nolan Gerard Funk as Harmon Fitch | Camille Keenan as Linda Downey | Gerard Butler as Leander ‘Lee’ Hastings

Bill Nighy as Nicodemus ‘Nick’ Snowbear | Tom Hardy as Geoffrey Wylie | Rachel Binder as Rebecca ‘Becka’ Downey

James Woods as Claude D’Orsay | Kelly Overton as Alica ‘Leesha’ Middleton | Penn Badgley as Garrett Lobeck

Max Irons as Joseph ‘Seph’ McCauley | Amelia Brantley as Madison ‘Maddie’ Moss

Jamie Bell as Jason Haley | Iain Glen as Gregory Leicester

If you have read the book, what do you think?

XX Ner

4 thoughts on “1,2,3… Casting!

      • Jessamine Longbranch is the head of the White Roses. She was the one who placed the warrior stone in Jack when he was a baby, and made that deal with Linda, to give Jack up when he’s of age. She was known as Dr. Longbranch at the time, and was the one to give, Jack, Weirsbane.

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