Review: James Potter and the Hall of Elder’s Crossing

James Potter and the
Hall of Elder’s Crossing

Author: G. Norman Lippert
Release Date: Unknown
Publisher: Self-Published
Pages: 405 (ebook)
Format: ebook
 Magic | Fantasy | FanFiction
Series: James Potter #1
Idiom: English
Read: from August 26 to September 14, 2011
Source & Shelf: Official Site | Kobo
Official Site: James Potter


Based upon the characters and worlds of J. K. Rowling, this book tells the story of Harry Potter’s son James, and his first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

My Opinion:

*This review might contain spoilers*

I am not giving this 4 stars just because this isn’t J.K. Rowling‘s official work.

This was a very pleasant reading. Normally I’m sceptical about fan-fictions concerning a saga I absolutely worship. However, this was recommended to me by another “Harry Potter” fan so I’ve decided to give it a go. Also, the idea of having some sort of continuation after “Deathly Hallows”, made me grab this story and read it, forgetting it wasn’t written by the genius herself.

This “book” – since it’s not a true publication but an on-line reading – manages to create a plausible continuation for Harry Potter saga, this time being his son James the main character. It’s a Potter, still.

The characters were created in a way that resembled the previous characters, being Ted Lupin my ultimate favourite one. That particular character reminded me of the Weasley twins, which was amazing since I kind of miss them.

Ralph and Zane were a mixture of Ron/Hermione/Luna and Neville, in my opinion, bringing the same comic relief as them and the true bond of friendship. As for James, to me he was a new version of his father, perhaps a little bit more mature than his father in his first year. Of course that having Harry Potter as your dad helps you viewing the world differently.

Cedric surprised me since I was not expecting him to be a ghost wandering Hogwarts, completely lost and speechless. I admire the fact he was kind of connected with Snape in helping James and his friends. And I also thought about him as the new Gryffindor ghost, forgetting as James that he wasn’t a Gryffindor at all.

The idea of the American delegation was very well explored. I admit never having thought of that while reading Rowling’s work, but Lippert managed to pick something completely different from what we were excepting, and transform it into a plausible (sorry the repetition of words) plot that would make us – my opinion of course – forget that we are not reading Rowling. Also, the Merlin plot was one of the reason it caught my attention.

One great wizard as Merlin coming back from the “dead” and ruling was something I just needed to know how it would end. Truth be told that I never expected Merlin to be considered as the new Headmaster.

The writing was extremely well planned and carefully written. There were moments I forgot, as I’ve mentioned, that I wasn’t reading J.K. Rowling since the author really did tried his best to keep as faithful as he could to the original writing. Even the jokes sounded as something the genius herself could write. For that, good work.

Overall, I think this was a very well written story based on Harry Potter, a pleasant reading that, not being official, will definitely fill your imagination as a possible continuation of the saga.

My Cups:

XX Ner


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