Review: The Turning

The Turning

Author: Jennifer Armintrout
Release Date: July 1st, 2010 (originally May 31st, 2006)
Publisher: Gailivro
Pages: 336 (Paperback)
Format: Paperback
 Horror | Adult | Vampires
Series: Blood Ties #1
Idiom: Portuguese
Read: from August 5 to 8, 2012
Source & Shelf: Gift | Own
ISBN: 9780778322986 (English)
               9789895577446 (Portuguese)



I’m no coward. I want to make that perfectly clear. But after my life turned into a horror movie, I take fear a lot more seriously now. I finally became Dr. Carrie Ames just eight months ago. Then I was attacked in the hospital morgue by a vampire. Just my luck. So now I’m a vampire, and it turns out I have a blood tie to the monster who sired me.

The tie works like an invisible leash and I’m bound to him no matter what I do. And of course he’s one of the most evil vampires on earth. With my sire hell-bent on turning me into a soulless killer and his sworn enemy set to exterminate me, things couldn’t get much worse – except I’m attracted to them both. Drinking blood, living as an immortal demon and being a pawn between two warring vampire factions isn’t exactly how I’d imagined my future. But as my father used to say, the only way to conquer fear is to face it.

So that’s what I’ll do.

Fangs bared.

My Opinion:

I still don’t know what to make of this book. I liked it but there’s something about in it that makes me doubt myself. I’ll say it was the translation since I’ve read the Portuguese edition.

First things first, this book should be rated NC-17 (no one under 17 allowed to read it). It was way too sexy and me, being 23 years old, felt myself blushing a lot in the sex scenes… My reaction to those scenes:


This book caught me by surprise. It was given to me by a friend who owned two copies and when I asked her what she thought about it, she just shrugged her shoulders and said “It was okay, I think!” So, I really didn’t know what to expect from it apart from knowing it was about vampires.

I wasn’t expecting to finish this book the way I did, reading it till my eyes hurt and being constantly looking for the second volume in stores. But then again, I think it was the anticipation of a vampiric war that had me craving for more, since I haven’t read a book with vampires like this for quite a long time now. And I’m not counting Dracula ’cause I’ve read that one for University, not for pleasure. Or perhaps both but still; it was for an paperwork.

The story is told by Carrie Ames, a doctor who is turned into a vampire during her shift. Her way of telling things was funny and very contemporary; using some examples we could easily relate ourselves with. It wasn’t too flourished and too detailed, or had too many words. Actually, the simpler way was the best for this book. It was easy to be involved in the story and read it as if Carrie was sitting next to us and telling things.

Nathan and Cyrus are the male characters and they were completely different from each other.

While Nathan is a good vampire, embracing his human side and trying to adapt his vampire life to his adopted and human son, Ziggy, Cyrus, the vampire who turned Carrie, is a monster and a manipulative bastard (mind the language – sorry about that).

She finds herself in a love triangle despite the obvious hatred she has for Cyrus and she simply can’t resist the impulse in her blood. It’s stronger than her. But she can’t also resist the initial attraction she feels for Nathan. At the end she must choose between one or the other and her choice might kill her both ways.

This is a mediocre book. It’s not the typical vampire romance we are used since Twilight, but it isn’t a bad book. It has action, horror, sex, gore, swears and a bit of love. But it’s not – let me get this straight – this is not a romance.

I will continue reading this series if I manage to get my hands on the rest of the books. I did enjoy it and I might try reading it in the original but that will depend if the person who gave me this book has the continuation. If she has, well, then is the Portuguese edition I’ll read.

My Cups:

XX Ner


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