Review: Witches of East End

The Book:

Title: Witches of East End
 Melissa de la Cruz
Release Date: June 21, 2011 (originally January 1st, 2011)
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion
Pages: 242 (ebook) | 272 (paperback)
Format: ebook
Young Adult | Witches Paranormal
Series: The Beauchamp Family #1

Idiom: English
Read:  from November 28 to December 13, 2013
Source & Shelf: Kobo
ISBN: 9781401303785 (ebook)
9781401310912 (paperback)

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From the author of the highly addictive and bestselling Blue Bloods series, with almost 3 million copies sold, comes a new novel, Melissa de la Cruz’s first for adults, featuring a family of formidable and beguiling witches.

The three Beauchamp women-Joanna and her daughters Freya and Ingrid-live in North Hampton, out on the tip of Long Island. Their beautiful, mist-shrouded town seems almost stuck in time, and all three women lead seemingly quiet, uneventful existences. But they are harboring a mighty secret-they are powerful witches banned from using their magic. Joanna can resurrect people from the dead and heal the most serious of injuries. Ingrid, her bookish daughter, has the ability to predict the future and weave knots that can solve anything from infertility to infidelity. And finally, there’s Freya, the wild child, who has a charm or a potion that can cure most any heartache. 

For centuries, all three women have been forced to suppress their abilities. But then Freya, who is about to get married to the wealthy and mysterious Bran Gardiner, finds that her increasingly complicated romantic life makes it more difficult than ever to hide her secret. Soon Ingrid and Joanna confront similar dilemmas, and the Beauchamp women realize they can no longer conceal their true selves. They unearth their wands from the attic, dust off their broomsticks, and begin casting spells on the townspeople. It all seems like a bit of good-natured, innocent magic, but then mysterious, violent attacks begin to plague the town. When a young girl disappears over the Fourth of July weekend, they realize it’s time to uncover who and what dark forces are working against them.

With a brand-new cast of characters, a fascinating and fresh world to discover, and a few surprise appearances from some of the Blue Blood fan favorites, this is a page-turning, deliciously fun, magical summer read fraught with love affairs, witchcraft, and an unforgettable battle between good and evil.

My Opinion:

Yap, that’s my reaction to this book.

You all know, I hope, that I rarely rate a book less than two cups… but this book was soooooo bad I really needed to give it one cup. Because, seriously, can someone enlighten me as why this book exists? Better, can someone explain to me how the TV-series is WAY better than the book?

I seriously need some clarification because I’m at loss here.

So, Witches of East End tells the story of Joanna, Freya and Ingrid Beauchamp, a family of witches who can’t use their powers thanks to a trial in which they were punished. They are immortal, having lived thousands of years and are now slowly using their magic to help other people. Freya is engaged to Bran but is feeling a sexual and dangerous attraction for Bran’s brother Killian.

Yah, the premise sounded interesting enough. I mean, I adore – better, I LOVE witches – and I never say no to a book concerning it. And since I was already following the show, I thought: “why not read the book? There might be some details they explain and explore better in the book than in the series.”

Well, the show is loosely based on the book but the whole story was changed – so were several characters: Dash is called Bran in the book; Penelope doesn’t exist in the book; there’s no Aunt Wendy – read it carefully: there’s no Aunt Wendy!!!!! (WHERE ARE YOU AUNT WENDY?!?!?!) – in the book…

But the fact that the book differs so much from the series (I should have said that the other way around) isn’t the point. The point is that there wasn’t a coherent story, likeable characters and nothing, but nothing, happened for a third of the book. And when something did happen… dear Lord save my soul!

And the characters were so…. Meh! They lacked depth, personality and essence. Well, the only character I felt that had a bit of quality and that could save all of this was Ingrid but even she would get on my nerves sometimes.

And Freya…. COME ON!!!

Torn between her fiancée and his brother is already bad enough but spending the whole book having sex with her future brother-in-law when Bran (Dash in the series) is away was way over the top for me. I mean, I’m okay with love triangles… when they are well developed. This one was a tragedy since the first sentence.

Not to mention the whole ending! What the heck was that? Suddenly Bran and Killian turn out to be two Asgardian Gods who were fighting over Freya for centuries?

I have no idea how I managed to even finish this book. Half way through it I just wanted it to be done with but I forced myself to continue it. It was so bad, the writing was boring and the story lacked everything… absolutely everything!!

Simply AW-FUL!

For now, I’ll stick with the TV-show because, even with its clichés and silliness, it has a better and a must more coherent and interesting story than the book. 

And it has Aunt Wendy… I rest my case!!!!

My Cups:

XX Ner


5 thoughts on “Review: Witches of East End

    • Aquela não é a capa oficial… o Alex emprestou-me o livro sem a capa (jacket) e admito que são as duas super giras. Quando colocar a minha review, depois vês a capa oficial do Game 😉

      PS: a mão já não me doi hehe xD

      XX Ner

  1. I haven’t heard of the TV show, but I have been seeing the book around the bookstore. I’m not really a big fan of books with witches so I probably won’t pick this up either way, but I loved your review. I love the gifs. Haha. And I’m taking this as a sign to really not bother with the book. You did however get me interested in the TV series. 😛

    • The gifs are from the series. I tried to pick up all the gifs I could find that would represent the show, the book and my opinion 🙂

      The TV-series is funny and Aunt Wendy is the best thing there. Even if you happen not to like the rest of the characters, Aunt Wendy saves the day hehe xD

      If you liked Charmed, then you probably will enjoy Witches of East End 😉

      Thank you. I had a hard but fun time writing this review (sounds weird, doesn’t it?!)

      XX Ner

      • Oh. That’s really cool. I’ll try to watch this one. Is it weird that I enjoy TV shows with witches but not books? 😛 I liked Charmed. And Bewitched. And a couple of others. 😀

        How so? 😛

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