Showcase Sunday (#36 – Angelfall!!!)

Hosted by Viky @Books, Biscuits & Tea

| Physical:

Oh, what amazing last two weeks I had with awesome books arriving at my mailbox 😀

I won this book on Jen’s Favourites List of books from 2013 giveaway at the Reading Lark. I wasn’t expecting to win at all and receiving the good news that I was the lucky winner made me extremely happy ^_^

Uh, I can’t wait to read this book! I’ve read nothing but amazing – and truly amazing – reviews of this book!

And the cover is so much cooler when you hold the book physically in your hands!! Urgh, this book is gorgeous!!


Thank you ❤

And Friday, because I couldn’t buy Within Temptation’s new album, Hydra, because my country sucks and my music store is stupid (I’m very upset about it so don’t ask me what happened ’cause I’m capable of killing someone!), I bought a classic I’ve been wanting for a while now…


XX Ner


7 thoughts on “Showcase Sunday (#36 – Angelfall!!!)

    • Thank you Ula 🙂

      I love buying classics but then it takes me a while to get around to read them :S Hopefully I’ll pick this one up this year 😉

      Happy reading for you too ^_^

      XX Ner

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