Updates… I Know!!!

I know… there’s always a moment in my life where I only post updates on my blog. But if you’re a student then you’ll know that the first week of classes is pretty much a rollercoaster.

First you have to adapt to your new schedule. Before, you could be awake the entire night and sleep the entire day. Now you have to wake up extremely early and go to bed extremely early as well. No time for anything but drink a mug of hot chocolate, read a chapter (if!) and zzzzzz….

Then I have the new busy life of an auntie. Since my sister started working, my mum is taking care of my niece. Truth be told that I get home, I eat something, I drool over my niece, I check the email quickly to see if the teachers sent something important, eat something more and continue drooling over my niece… not to mention the days that I get home so tired the only thing I do is sit down and do nothing!!!

With this, I want to let you all know that all is well, that I’m alive and will try to come to the blog more often. Can’t promise anything though… with Rory here it’ll be difficult.

Thank you all for your understanding 🙂 Love you all ❤

XX Ner


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