Updates… Once Again!!!!


Oh, sorry! That’s my Whovian side showing off 😀 Let me start again:


Damn it… Whovian side is still showing off!!!

I’m so sorry for my loooong absence. I had an oral presentation today (thanks the heavens it is done!!) and spent the last two weeks preparing it with my partners.

Hence the blog being on a semi-hiatus/pause/whatever-you-want-to-call-it state since, well, it feels like forever.

And since I already presented my Edward VIII Abdication Crisis and George VI project, I’m slightly free – well, freer – which means that I will begin all my updates here on the blog.

The first one will be one of Inês’ reviews that she sent me last week and I hadn’t had time to post it. And I seriously need to sit down and write down all my reviews… I have a few to post *winces*

So, this is me apologising for the I-don’t-know-th time for neglecting you and telling you that I’M BACK 🙂

It gets pretty complicated to find the time to study, read, write and update the blog. How do you guys manage to do it? I need to know your secret!!

Thank you all for the support and understanding!

XX Ner


3 thoughts on “Updates… Once Again!!!!

  1. Mana, espero por novidades, ando a escrever a mesma review à demasiado tempo… fico feliz por teres mais um tempo livre para o blog, mas o mais importante é que te corra tudo bem na Faculdade. Ainda estou a ler o mesmo livro, mas estou a gostar mais do livro agora. Boas leituras! Bj. Inês.

    • It is horrible. And even when I have a little bit of time, I have other things to do :S Urgh!!!

      Thank you. I’ll try to update things more often ^_^

      XX Ner

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