Divergent… The Movie!

It contains spoilers for the book & movie (of course)!

So, I went to see Divergent two days before its official release here in Portugal because a cousin of mine had tickets. She couldn’t go because her children got sick (I hope they are feeling a lot better now) so she gave me her tickets. You have no idea how grateful I am to her!!

My sister came with me because I said something she couldn’t refuse: KATE WINSLET. We are both fans of this amazing actress but I think that what really made her come with me was the fact that Kate Winslet was playing the villain. 

Anyway… moving on!

When I saw the movie the first time, I enjoyed it but felt that something was missing, that something wasn’t quite right. Maybe it was because I didn’t remembered the book that much – some details were forgotten or were blurry (I read the book two years ago!) – or maybe it was that I was truly expecting a different movie. But I didn’t dismissed it straight away, oh no: I enjoyed the movie very much.

Still, I wanted to see it a second time so I could gather my thoughts.

And that happened last Thursday when I went to see it again with Carla. We were so excited to watch it – her for the first time and me for the second. And, let me tell you that I truly wasn’t expecting Carla’s reaction when Four appeared! But, then again, it’s Four… we are free to swoon!!!

And this time I loved every single minute/second of the movie. I didn’t felt like something was missing anymore (well… I still want the drunk Four and Tris explaining her tattoos!) and every details they’ve changed or added made sense. 

However, there were a few scenes I was slightly upset with:

* When Mama Prior visits Tris after the first stage of initiation. I prefer the book version when Tris’s finds out that her mother was Dauntless (*cough cough*) during the Visiting Day. 
* Mama and Papa Prior’s deaths. I felt that it didn’t had that much impact, especially Papa Prior’s – it was way too fast!
* And the same goes for Will’s. 
* I wanted a bit more of Peter even though I kind of hate him. I missed the butter knife scene where Peter literally takes Edward’s eye off with it. I think it would show the competitive side of Peter that is so strong in the book.
* Uriah!! Okay, I know he isn’t that big in the first book and all but I missed him!!!
* Tori! I’m sorry Maggie Q but I think movie-Tori was a bit cold and rigid and, for what I can remember, she isn’t like that with Tris.

And now a few scenes I loved in the movie:

* Zip-line!! I think this was my favourite scene in the whole movie.

* The “Tris is out of the initiation because she got a beating from Peter and is under the line” new scene they added before the Ferris Wheel (*swooning*) and the Capture the Flag. Seriously, it just showed how determined and brave she is… I ain’t even mad that that scene doesn’t even exist in the book!
* Four’s fear landscape. Though I missed the claustrophobic speech Tris’s has in order to help Four go through with it, his fear about his father was really good!
* The whole Dauntless craziness!! They’re crazy but they are so cool!!!

The cast was amazing (I even liked Zoë Kravitz as Christina though she was the only cast member I wasn’t happy about). But of course the cast would be great… I mean, have you seen the cast?!

Oh, and I spotted Veronica Roth in the movie… it was so cool seeing her cameo!!

So, overall I think Divergent managed to be faithful enough to the book. They sure changed a lot of things but they didn’t changed the main plot as they normally do. What they’ve changed was necessary to transport the book to the big-screen without too many damages.

Because, let’s face it, there are books-to-movies where they have too much liberty and they end up changing the whole story. But in Divergent they didn’t do that… 

If you haven’t seen it yet, go watch it!! As a fan of the saga, I can highly recommend it to you!

If you haven’t read the books yet, you have no idea what you’re missing and just watching the movie won’t be enough!

XX Ner


4 thoughts on “Divergent… The Movie!

  1. Como sabes li o livro a muito pouco tempo, e tns razao existem MUITOS pequenos detalhes, e acaba por se perder alguma da magia do livro, mas enfim. estava a espera de uma coisa menos fancy
    mas gostei dou lhe um 6.8 em 10

    • Sim, há muita coisa que se perder quando se faz o filme de um livro. Mas mesmo assim acho que o Divergent, de todas as adaptações que foram feitas, foi um dos melhores mesmo faltando algumas coisas 🙂

      XX Ner

  2. Ahhhh! Foi tão bom!! Tão bom! xD

    Não é uma adaptação perfeita, mas a essência está toda lá!

    Adorei a cena do zip line… foi talvez a cena que mais me emocionou, por razões que só quem leu o Allegiant sabe…

    Já agora, que reacção teve a Carla ao Four? 😛

    • O Four ainda nem tinha aparecido e ela já tava super excitada eheh xD

      A cena do zipline foi tão bonita!! E mal posso ver a cena no Allegiant…. THE FEELS!!!!!!

      Foi óptimo ^_^

      XX Ner

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