Ner’s Ramblings (#1- Blog’s Name)

Ner's Ramblings

If there’s one thing I’ve learned during all this time blogging is: you must choose a name you enjoy or else you’ll get tired of the one you got. And, to be honest with all of you, I grew tired of my blog’s name A Cup of Coffee and a Book.

Sure, it has everything to do with me since I love coffee and books but, if I could go back in time and kick myself in the sheen, I would have chosen a different name, that’s for sure.

Mainly because it’s a big name and also because I think I’m changing and becoming more mature and this title sounds a bit childish.

I had made a list of names I wouldn’t mind changing my blog to but there’s a small (and/or big) problem: I’m already known as Ner from A Cup of Coffee (and a Book)! I have my blog’s name associated with my name and right now it would be hard to change it and almost start all over again.

I see so many great names that I sometimes wonder: “why didn’t I thought of that before?”. But then again, would my blog still be the same and have the same essence if the name was different? But, the most important question of all is: would people follow my blog if it had another name?

XX Ner


8 thoughts on “Ner’s Ramblings (#1- Blog’s Name)

  1. Ois, mana! Sabes que eu adoro o teu blog pelo nome e pelas temåticas, pois acho que têm tudo a ver com a tua personalidade e com os teus gostos. Mas apoio sempre as tuas decisões e o nome que escolheres de certeza que terá algo pessoal e especial sobre ti…. e eu quero continuar como partner-in-crime, please!!!!!!!!!! Bj. Adoro-te! Inês.

    • Bigado mana 🙂

      Realmente tou uma beca “farta” do nome do blog mas.. enfim… como o titulo diz,é um desabafo pessoal e é sempre bom “ouvir” as opiniões de quem me segue (ou faz parte integral do blog hehe xD).

      XX Ner

  2. Ner, of course we will still follow you if you change your name! A redirection might help if you move to a new blog altogether, or even just a banner saying that you used to be A Cup of Coffee and a Book. I know quite a few bloggers who have changed their name well into their blogging career, and I don’t think they’ve suffered all that much. I think you should do whatever feels right, and whatever makes you happiest ^.^

    • I’ve also seen a few bloggers change their blog name. It would, indeed, help me change the blog. It’s something to carefully think about. But all the feedback is welcome since it’ll help me know how my readers/followers feel ^_^

      And thank you so much for the support Chiara *virtual hug* ^_^

      XX Ner

  3. As long as I knew what your blog looked like as far as graphics, and I could still see your name attached to everything, I don’t care what your blog is named! Now, if you went and changed graphics AND the name, then I’d just end up thinking “who the hell is this and I don’t remember following them”

    But that’s totally a personal issue since I cruise through life by knowing pictures anyway 😀

    • I would only change the name… probably change one or two things but I would always warn people about those changes before. After all, I owe you all everything ^_^

      Thanks for giving me your feedback Kayla. If I happen to change anything, you would be one of the firsts to know 🙂

      XX Ner

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