Bout of Books 1.0 [Goals & Schedule]

Bout of Books
Participant 158  ~ Ner @A Cup of Coffee and a Book


I had a bit of trouble deciding which books to choose for this read-a-thon. I didn’t want books that would take me too long to read or books that would be too heavy to read while I’m still at University.

Therefore, I decided to pick up four books, one of them is for my Re-Read Harry Potter Challenge, the other is my Readers’ Choice for April, the other is the continuation of a series I started last month and the final one is a re-read. Sounds fair enough, doesn’t it?

So, check out the books (in the order I’ll be reading them):

Living Dead in DallasHP IIHex HallThe Graveyard Book

As for Living Dead in Dallas being the first one in this goal list, you have no idea how desperate I am to continue the Sookie Stackhouse series… really, crazy!!! I’m even planning on buying the last four books in the series, the ones I don’t have.

I’ve been neglecting my Re-Read Harry Potter challenge completely. It was supposed for me to read a book per month but I lost track of time. This will help me balance things a bit.

I’ve wanted to re-read Hex Hall for a while now. There’s a couple of things I don’t remember in the book and since I want to read Demonglass for my 2014 Finish Series Challenge, I thought this read-a-thon would be a nice way for me to do so.

And I’ve been also neglecting my Readers’ Choice books for a while now. I’ve been trying to read them as fast as I can but I end up picking up something else entirely different. This way I can make up for that small problem.

I really hope I’ll be able to read at least three books out of these four. I’m not having any tests right now but I have an essay to do and I’ll spend this entire month preparing it. Therefore, I might not be able to complete my goals. Still, I’m hopeful *fingers crossed*



Monday 12/5:
If you like X, try Y — The Book Barbies

Tuesday 13/5:
Bookish Battle Royal — My Life in Books
Books You’re Looking Forward To — River City Reading

Wednesday 14/5:
Book Pairings — My Overstuffed Shelves

Thursday 15/5:
Spell It Out Challenge — kimberlyfaye reads

Friday 16/5:
Cover Scavenger Hunt — Book Monsters
Rainbow Book Challenge — Neon Yeti Reads

Saturday 17/5:
Show an Author Some Love — Doing Dewey

Sunday 18/5:
Retitle Your Current Read — Oh Magic Hour

XX Ner


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