Bout of Books 10 [Updates – Day 1]

Bout of Books
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Wrote Bout of Book 10 properly today… Hurray for me *happy dance*

Day 1 (Monday – 12/05):

Book(s) Read Today:
Living Dead in Dallas [Sookie Stackhouse #2] – Charlaine Harris
Pages Read Today: 40 pages
Total Number of Books: 0/4
Total Number of Pages: 40 pages

Hello everyone!

Welcome to another Bout of Books. Check out what I’m currently reading for this read-a-thon:


Look at that beauty!! Even though I only managed to read only two chapter (equals 40 pages total!!! Pathetic!), I’m already way too excited to see what the heck is going to happen to Sookie and Bill 😛

Have any of you read this series? What are your thoughts about it? I’m super excited about it since I really enjoyed the first one (review of that one to come this week!) so I couldn’t wait to pick this one up. Let me know what you think/thought about this book, or book series or even TV-series (which I haven’t seen but I’m planning on doing so!) 🙂

Challenge: If you like X, try Y – The Book Barbies

In this challenge all you have to do is recommend one or more books based on the formula “If you like ____, try ____.” Pretty easy, right?!

Now, I have a few ideas up on my sleeve which I hope you guys will like. Here they are:

Graceling, Throne City, World Hex, Fire

Pretty neat, right? I hope this ideas/recommendations will please you all ’cause it was a lot of fun to come up with them. 

If you are not part of the Bout of Books, you can still sign-up to it – it’ll close tomorrow. If you don’t want to be part of it, you can leave a comment on this page with your suggestions 🙂

XX Ner


2 thoughts on “Bout of Books 10 [Updates – Day 1]

    • I loved the first book so I’m very curious about the continuation. I’m right in the beginning and I’m already hooked 🙂

      I only saw a few episodes of the 1st season. Might re-watch it now after reading the books.

      Thanks for stopping by Celine ^_^

      XX Ner

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