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I want to thank everyone who wished me well. Today I feel better though my wisdom tooth actually think it’s about time to make its appearance 😉

Second, I finished my first book yesterday and then started my second one… and this home is making me go back in time and feel home. Check it out:


1 down… 3 to go!!! 

Day 3 (Wednesday – 14/05):

Book(s) Read Today:
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets [Harry Potter #2] – J.K. Rowling
Pages Read Today: 54 pages
Total Number of Books: 1/4
Total Number of Pages: 333 pages

Challenge: Book Pairings/ ‘This’ Made Me Think of ‘That’ – My Overstuffed Shelves

The Rules:

  1. Choose a book and something to pair with it.
  2. Share your combination and why you think the two go together on your blog, Facebook, twitter, or Goodreads.
  3. Link to your posting in the comments, with your BOB 10 participant number so I can verify your registration.
  4. If you tweet about this challenge (and I hope you do) make sure to mention me, @KnittingGromit, and use the hashtag #boutofbooks.

For this challenge I’m going to choose the book The Mad Scientist’s Daughter by Cassandra Rose Clarke and I’m going to pair it with Chris Columbus’ movie Bicentinnial Man. I admit that I read the book first and then saw the movie (my initial pairing was going to be Steven Spielberg’s movie AI) but both have the same topic: can robots feel, act and be like humans? And both deal with love… the love between a human and a robot.

Both movie and book made me feel a lot of things: anger, compassion, sadness, frustration, fear, happiness. The book is told from the human’s perspective and we read a tragic love story that we have idea how it’ll end. The movie is told by the robot (played by Robin Williams) who slowly becomes independent and slowly becomes an android (robots are raw pieces of technology that look exactly what the name suggests; android are more human-like). The movie is also tragic though we do get to see its disclosure… and, trust me, you’ll cry at the end.

I dare say that the book has a darker side than the movie but both are beautifully developed and explored with a sweet and sad love story.  

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XX Ner


4 thoughts on “Bout of Books 10 [Updates – Day 3]

  1. I’ll have to check out The Mad Scientist’s Daughter! I loved The Bicentennial Man ever since I read the Isaac Asimov novella it’s based on when I was a kid (many, many moons ago).

    • I loved the The Mad Scientist’s Daughter… it was really good and I recommend it.

      I didn’t know that The Bicentennial Man was based on a book (but I admit not having done a proper research *blushes*) so I have to check it out one day 😉

      Thanks for stopping by ^_^

      XX Ner

    • It feels like I’m home again 🙂 I didn’t knew about this edition either… my best-friend gave me the book and I was surprised hehe xD

      Thank you and Happy Reading to you too ^_^

      XX Ner

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