Bout of Books 10 [Updates – Day 4]

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I didn’t read that much since yesterday. I was so tired last night I barely managed to read an entire chapter of my book.

However, I did managed to read a few pages today but, since I have to do a paperwork so I decided to stop my reading, update my Bout of Books and go to work.

Plus, there are building constructions here and I feel like they’re splitting my skull in two… not much of a good environment to read.

Life sucks *sighs*

Oh, and my tooth is not aching that much today. Though I still have moments when I just want to punch my face so the ache would stop (which wouldn’t do any good anyway).

Day 4 (Thursday – 15/05):

Book(s) Read Today:
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets [Harry Potter #2] – J.K. Rowling
Pages Read Today: 53 pages (wow, managed to read one less page than yesterday… that’s a treat!)
Total Number of Books: 1/4
Total Number of Pages: 386 pages

Challenge: Spell It Out Challenge – kimberlyfaye read

The Rules:

  1. Use the first letter in any book you’ve read or want to read to spell out a word. You can choose first name, initials, your birthday month, or your zodiac sign.
  2. Share your word on your blog, Facebook, Twitter or Goodreads.
  3. Submit a link to your post in the linky below! You’ll get an extra FIVE entries in the Rafflecopter international giveaway for an eBook of your choice (Amazon or B&N, up to $10 USD) for participating in this challenge. You MUST be participating in Bout of Books 10.0 to be eligible to win the giveaway, but you can always post your answer in the comments just for fun if you aren’t a participant.
  4. If you tweet about this challenge, don’t forget to mention me, @kimberlyreads, and use the #boutofbooks hashtag.

Me likes this challenge. And it’s also a easy challenge for such a busy day 🙂

I chose my zodiac sign which is Libra (seriously guys, I’m a proud Libra human being!)  And all the books I chose I own!

Sem Título

LLegend [Legend #1] – Marie Lu;
Insurgent [Divergent #2] – Veronica Roth;
B Beautiful Creatures [Caster Chronicles #1] – Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl;
R Red Riding Hood – Sarah Blakley-Cartwright & David Leslie Johnson;
A Angelfall [Penryn & The End of Days #1] – Susan Ee;

XX Ner


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