Bout of Books 10 [Updates – Day 5]

Bout of Books
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Not only am I posting this only now (it’s past midnight!) this was another unsuccessful day since I, once again, didn’t read that much and didn’t had that much time to pick up the book.

And tomorrow I won’t have time either ’cause I have some sort of party in my college… Oh well, at least the challenges are going fine!

Day 5 (Friday – 16/05):

Book(s) Read Today:
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets [Harry Potter #2] – J.K. Rowling
Pages Read Today: 58 pages (PATHETIC!!!)
Total Number of Books: 1/4
Total Number of Pages: 444 pages

Challenge: Cover Scavenger Hunt – Book Monsters


Challenge: Rainbow Book Challenge – Neon Yeti Reads

In this challenge I had to create a stack of my own books from my bookshelves and match them as a rainbow. It was so fun to do this… and I picked up the books quite automatically 🙂

Here’s my rainbow spine:


Oh, just noticed that I put a lilac book instead of a violet one!! Damn it!!!

Okay, since there’s nothing I can actually do now, the books are (from bottom to top):

Do you like my rainbow?!

XX Ner


4 thoughts on “Bout of Books 10 [Updates – Day 5]

    • Eu vi a tua… só livros da Juliet. Tá mesmo muito fixe 😉 (por acaso tinha posto “O Espelho Negro” no arco-íris mas retirei-o não sei porquê :S)

      Mas bigado por dizeres que a minha está gira ^_^

      XX Ner

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