Bout of Books 10 [Updates – Day 7]

Bout of Books
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Day 6


Wow, this is the very last day of this read-a-thon and I had a blast! Though I did pretty badly when it comes to the reading part, the challenges were the best thing! I had so much fun in all of them and I thank everyone who hosted them for coming up with these amazing things for us to do.

Yesterday, as you already know, I had a full day and I didn’t read as much as I had planned… however, I did finished HP and picked up my third reading book: Hex Hall. 


It’s a re-read but a good one! I had forgotten how much fun Sophie is and how bloody addicted the book is 🙂

Day 7 (Sunday – 18/05 – FINAL DAY):

Book(s) Read Today:
Hex Hall [Hex Hall #1] – Rachel Hawkins
Pages Read Today: 153 pages
Total Number of Books: 2/4
Total Number of Pages: 683 pages

Challenge: Retitle Your Currently Read Mini-Challenge – Oh Magic Hour

Oh, this is the sort of challenge that is really, well, challenging!

In this mini-challenge you have to retitle the book your reading… and since I’m reading Hex Hall (and it’s an already pretty awesome title), I have no idea what I should re-name it!

But, here we go (and, please, don’t laugh)Sophie Mercer and the School Where Ghosts Are Not What They Seem!

Yah… it doesn’t sound that brilliant, does it? But, hey, I’m really not that good when it comes to titles *hides in shame*

XX Ner


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