Readers Choice | July (Re-Read Edition #2 – CLOSE)

Readers Choice

Hosted by Ner @A Cup of Coffee and a Book


  • Post a list of books – whichever books you want (ebooks/physicals);
  • Let your readers decide what you should read the following month;
  • You are free to add as many books as you want to the list and how many books your readers can choose.

I’ll be reading only ONE book from the four I’ll display for you to choose for me.



| June Winner:

Shatter Me

 XX Ner


3 thoughts on “Readers Choice | July (Re-Read Edition #2 – CLOSE)

  1. Torço pelo livro de feitiços… eu gostava de ter este livro!!! Está na minha whislist. Bj. Boas leituras! Bj. Inês.

  2. Se quiseres empresto-te 😀 Já não me lembro muito dele mas lembro-me de ter gostado muito.

    Bigado por votares sweetie ^_^

    XX Ner

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