Why Harry Potter is Important To Me!

Now that I’m re-reading Harry Potter and Philosopher’s Stone just turned 17 (and because I can’t wait till July 31st – you know what happens on that day, right?), I wanted to explain why Harry Potter is so important in my life…

Harry Potter marked a generation! We all know that and most of us are proud to be part of that precise generation.

Books and movies that accompanied us for more than ten years is something quite remarkable… unforgettable and undeniable deep. 

But for me there’s a deeper meaning… and I’m quite certain that I’m not the only one to whom Harry Potter touched deeply in the hardest of times… Harry Potter normally does that.

Quoting (and translating) my sister who once posted something on her blog that simply transmitted exactly what Harry Potter means to us: 

“The truth is that this movie is the last of a saga that accompanied us during a complicated decade filled with bad luck and bad happenings.
From books to movies, this was the Universe in which we took refuge.
It was Ron who made us laugh when our reality didn’t permitted.
It was with and by Harry that we cried when we didn’t had strength to it for ourselves.
It was by talking about the books that we left the pain of our present behind and it was those moments, in between theories and discoveries that allowed us to find strength to be here today, proudly alone, but always united and head held up high.”

The main reason why Harry Potter is so important to me and my sister, and consequently my mother, has to do with the fact that we started reading the books at the same time that my father left home.

Suffering from such a profound wound in our lives, we turned to this magical saga as an escape from this raw and cruel reality. And it helped us through the long years it took my parents to finally legalize their divorce.

Let’s just say that my parents signed their divorce in 2011! Does that year tell you something? Yes, when the last Harry Potter movie came out. 

It felt like closing a cycle, a hard cycle that took ten years to scar. Harry Potter entered our lives when my father decided to leave us.

So, whenever someone tells me that Harry Potter is just a book, a movie, a fictional character and that it doesn’t exist, I simply want to Avada Kedrava him/her for they don’t know how this saga helped us go through such a rough time. 

It’s so much more than a book or movies, it was my entire adolescence, the one thing that was abruptly taken away and cannot be repaid or/and repaired. I lived my teenage-hood through these characters, these stories, this magical Universe that felt more real than reality itself. More like home than home itself.

And we learnt more with these books than with anything else in the world.

And whenever I feel down, I simply need to read the books, to watch the movies, to listen the soundtracks, see gifs online to remember that we can go through anything as long as we stick together and believe in magic… the magic of believing that everything will be alright in the end.

And also because we grew-up surrounded by these characters who felt real to us – who are real to us.

Therefore, thank you J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter for my childhood, my life, my constant strength when facing the Dementors of this reality.

XX Ner

PS: you have no idea how much I cried while writing this!!! 


18 thoughts on “Why Harry Potter is Important To Me!

  1. Beautiful post. Everything you wrote hit home with me. And the gifs you used totally made me nostalgic.<3 I remember watching the final movie premiere live stream and crying my eyes out when Jo first said those things…

    • It’s so good to know that Jo and HP touched so many lives and still bring back nostalgic moments 🙂

      Thank you so much Emily for reading the post and commenting ❤

      XX Ner

  2. I’m crying just reading this! Such a beautiful post – thank you for sharing ❤ I ran to books when my dad left too, and Harry Potter feels like a safe haven. Your gifs took me right back to watching the last movie – I cried so much when I saw Jo's speech!

    • I’m so sorry about your father. *virtual hug*

      I admit that sharing this on the blog made me feel lighter. And knowing that Harry Potter touched so many lives, that it helped other people go through hard moments, makes me immensely proud. It is indeed a safe haven 🙂

      God, I’m crying now. Thank you so much for also sharing a bit of how HP is important. We’ll all stand together ^_^

      XX Ner

  3. Awww so sorry to hear about your family! I am glad you all had something to get you through, and one another.
    HP was a big part of my adolescence as well, and I started reading it at 11, too, so it was even more powerful for me growing up with these books, so to a point, I get what you mean. 🙂
    Happy reading!

    • Thank you so much Ula ^_^

      HP was the anchor that helped us and we’re proud to say we’re Potterheads not only because the books are simply amazing, but because it gave us strength 🙂

      We all grew up with these books and movies and that’s something that unite us all 😛

      Thanks for reading and commenting. It means a lot ❤

      XX Ner

  4. Hello 🙂
    I don’t know where are you from and which language do you speak, so i’ll try to comment in english.
    It is not strange, at all, to me, that “Harry Potter” gave you this Mark and this strength. Because it is not a story, it is a world that we grow up with. And if it is really deep in my heart and i didn’t live your life, how couldn’t it not Mark you. 🙂
    Good journeys,

    • Thank you so much Rosana for the comment. I know that HP touched a lot of lives, not only mine. And I’m proud to say that it’s that precise mark that unite all Potterheads ^_^

      Thank you for commenting and happy readings 🙂

      XX Ner

      PS: I’m from Portugal by the way 😉

      • Também 🙂 tive medo de me enganar, porque já não escrevo em inglês há muito tempo. 🙂 O que te levou a criar um blog escrito em inglês, by the way :)?

      • Safaste-te muito bem 😉

        Leio muito mais em inglês do que em Português e queria algo mais internacional. Mas a minha co-blogger Inês é quem escreve e posta em Português ^_^

        XX Ner

  5. Wow, I cried just reading about this. Thank you for this post. I’m a part of this generation too. I was always Harry’s age when I reading a book, give or take a year. Back then I was waiting for translations and there was about a book a year. Both Harry and I have birthdays at the end of July so that was a thing we had in common 🙂 I was always sad it was the middle of summer and many of my friends were away on holidays and they forgot about me.

    I’m sorry to hear about your father leaving. My father died when I was 12. It broke my heart when I learned that Thestrals would be visible to me because I saw my dad die..another thing I had in common with Harry. I guess Harry means more to us who needed an imaginary world to escape reality. Back then my biggest wish was for it to be all real.. That’s why Harry Potter will always be something special for me, too.

    • I am so sorry about your dad *hugs*. I lost my grandfather, who was like a father to me, when I was 18 and it also broke my heart. Loosing someone dear to us is always so hard 😦

      I’m just sad that the new generation won’t know how it felt like growing-up with Harry Potter, how this Universe helped us in so many ways. Hopefully they’ll have their own imaginary world to escape reality as you’ve said 🙂

      I only read the last two books in English when they came out. I was so excited I couldn’t help myself, but before that I also had to wait a year for the books to come out in Portuguese. But I was lucky because they would come out near my birthday or near Christmas so they would always be my gift. I have a huge dedication from my brother-in-law on my HBP copy! It’s as important to me as it is for him 😉

      I’m 25 and I still wish for HP world to be real. I’m still upset that my Hogwarts letter was misplaced and I never got it hehe xD I hope one day to be able to go to the theme park… I guess it’s something every single Potterhead is looking forward to ^_^

      Thank you so much for taking time in reading and commenting this post. Harry Potter will always be something special to all of us and something that unites us, whether for good or sad reasons 🙂

      XX Ner

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