I’M BACK!!!!

Hello everyone *waves hand*

I’m back from my six days holidays. Actually, I came back Wednesday but I’ve been extremely lazy when it comes to update my blog. I know, I know… I went on holidays to relax and ease my mind and then I come back and decide to indulge myself in laziness! Shame on me!!!

My holidays were simple: I went to the beach, managed to get burnt on my first day, didn’t read AT ALL (due to a small reading slump), didn’t bought any book (tight budget), bought a bookmark and got a wonderful surprise when I got home.

Yap, those were my holidays.

There’s not much to tell about them really… I went with two friends of mine and had a blast! Since I got burnt on my first beach day, I decided to spend the rest of my beach-days in the shade. Didn’t read because I had a minor reading slump! Thanks the heavens it’s over!!

I bought a bookmark in Algarve and three new ones here in Lisbon. They are about the typical Portuguese azulejos and they are simply stunning!!! Look at them:


Oh, the first one was sent to me by Ash Krafton!! Still… NEW BOOKMARKS!!!

When I was on my way to Algarve, my mum sent me a text-message with the news that my Wolf’s Bane copy had arrived. What I wasn’t expecting was Ash Krafton wrote me:


It just made me extremely happy, proud, flatter and honoured! I guess every single book blogger who gets a special dedication knows what I felt.

Thank you so much Ash for the amazing surprise ❤

Now, I have another news! This one was a surprise from my dad… he gave me his old smartphone – it’s not as good as a brand new one but still – which means I now have an Instagram account! 


So, if you guys want to follow me there you can do so by clicking on the icon 😉 Looking forward to follow you as well.

I will also be part of Iron Pendulum by Megan Curd Blog Tour! If you don’t remember, I was part of Steel Lily blog tour last year – it was my first stop EVER – so I’m really excited to be part of this Tour 🙂

Other small news – and still not confirmed – is that my sweetie Carla might be part of the blog! I’m still waiting for some details but she might be a reviewers here on the blog which means… PARTY ALL NIGHT LONG!!

I was going to be part of Emily’s Dusting off the Shelves Read-a-Thon but with the holidays I couldn’t really participate. It’s a shame ’cause I was really looking forward to it 😦

Anyway! These are all the news I have for now! I will be posting my Wrap-Up of all the books I’ve read last month, my Readers Choice and all the reviews I still haven’s posted (or written :S) during this weekend. Keep a weather eye out for those 😀

Thank you for your extreme patience… I owe you all a lot and you know that 😉

XX Ner


4 thoughts on “I’M BACK!!!!

    • Obrigado sweetie e sorry não ter mando msg ou mail a dizer que cheguei… tirei férias das férias hehe xD

      XX Ner

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