New Co-Reviewer!!

Today I am bringing you the wonderful news:

My sweetie friend Carla (ex-O Livro Que Deu Um Pum) is joining A Cup of Coffee and a Book as a co-reviewer. 

Me & Carla_2

I met Carla in the University through some colleagues. I admit, and this will sound corny as hell, that she was one of the best people I met at my Uni ❤

I invited Carla to join the blog when she had to drop her previous book blog due to some personal issues. I kept the door opened saying that if she wanted to post anything here, she was welcome to do so. And the other day she asked me if the offer was still standing… of course it was dah!!

So lets all give the warmest of welcome to Carla!


PS: she’s obsessed with minions 😉

XX Ner


7 thoughts on “New Co-Reviewer!!

  1. Aaaawww you’re one of the best people I met there too!! 😀

    Thank you guys for the welcoming 😀 I’m really excited about this 😛

  2. E assim somos as três “partners in crime”, como a Ner nos chamou quando eu iniciei esta aventura. Fico muitofeliz com a decisão da Carla. É muito bem-vinda e eu tenho o prazer de a conhecer e simpatizar com ela. Beijinhos para as duas. Inês.

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