Falling for Autumn 2014 Read-a-Thon {Day 4 | Guest Author: Lisa Maxwell}

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Day 4 – September 25th

Wow, middle of the week which means we’re half-way through the Falling for Autumn Read-a-Thon. Seriously, I truly hope you’re having fun because I’m having a blast with the challenges and guest-posts. Which guest-post and challenge has been you so far?

Yesterday, Day 3, we had The Bookish Confession hosted by Celine @Irresponsible Cactus. If you missed it, or haven’t entered yet, you can go to this link.

Today I’m extremely happy to present to you Lisa Maxwell guest-post for the read-a-thon. I will admit that when I sent her my idea for a guest-post (more like a top 5), she was thrilled about it. I only felt flattered and very proud of myself hehe xD

Also, we’re going to have another special challenge, this time by the lovely Emily @Falling for YA. Can I say something? She was the very first blogger signing-up for this read-a-thon so, thanks to her, we’re here.

Having said that, don’t forget to check out her challenge by clicking on the button.

Lisa Maxwell’s Guest Post:

| Top 5 New Orleans Experiences:

I was really excited when Ner asked me to be a part of the Falling for Autumn Read-
a-Thon for SWEET UNREST. I was even more excited when she asked me to do a top-five-list for visiting New Orleans.

When I decided to set SWEET UNREST in New Orleans, I’d never been to the city, so I packed up the family and drove across Mississippi (I was living in Alabama at the time) to do research. By research, I mean I ate a lot of really amazing food and walked around looking at really amazing things.

There’s no wrong way to do New Orleans.

Okay, maybe taking a two-year-old is the wrong way to do New Orleans…

I’ve been back since without kids (which is definitely the smarter way to see New Orleans), and I have my list of favorites. I thought I’d share some of them with you. And most of the photos are from my own visits!

1. Eat!

New Orleans is a city alive with food. Start early with beignets at Café du Monde.


At some point, get yourself a muffaletta from the Central Grocery. You can get amazing Po’boys for lunch at K-Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen. Find delicious oysters at the Acme Oyster House or, my favorite, Felix’s across the street. For a great dinner, Redfish or the Bourbon House are great bets.


2. Take a Walk

You can grab one of the bus tours or take a spin on the streetcars if you want to see the Garden District, but one of the best things you can do is enjoy the peaceful quiet of the side streets in the French Quarter before all the Bourbon Street partiers are awake.


Don’t worry, you don’t have to get up that early—10 or 11 is fine. You only have to go a few blocks past Jackson Square for the Quarter to start feeling more residential and magical. You never know what you’ll find—a random cottage that looks like something out of a movie…


a sign warning you not to sell cats…


or a lonely lamppost heavy with Mardi Gras beads.


Eventually, the streets will fill with people, but in those early(ish) hours, New Orleans is magic.

3. Get Out of the City

The French Quarter and Garden District are amazing, but don’t forget that the area around New Orleans is filled with history. Go on some plantation tours out on River Road and learn about how slaves and the sugar industry made the area the richest in the country at one time. Marvel at the beauty of the architecture and grounds, take in the beauty of the old South, but get a glimpse of the suffering it all came from as well.


4. Take a Cemetery Tour

Like Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris, the cemeteries in New Orleans are gorgeous and creepy all at once.


5. Find Music Everywhere

The streets of New Orleans live and breathe music. This is the birthplace of the Blues and the cradle of Jazz, and there’s no better place to find it—most of the time for free. You can always find musicians around Jackson Square…


or a random parade…


but turn down Royal Street and you’re liable to find a brass band or quartet holding court. And don’t forget to dance!



WOW! This just made me want to catch a plane and go to New Orleans. Thank you so much Lisa Maxwell for your top 5 experiences and for the lovely photos 🙂

Lisa Maxwell has contributed with a giveaway for the read-a-thon where you can win a copy of Sweet Unrest (US only though). All you have to do is check out the rafflecopter and try to be a lucky winner 🙂

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Good luck everyone 😉

It’s that time of the day where you can leave your Day 3 progress here:

And tomorrow we’re going to have a discussion topic and a challenge by Ashley @Falling Down the Book Hole!

Happy Reading everyone ^_^

XX Ner


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