Falling for Autumn 2014 Read-a-Thon {Day 7 & Final Day | Guest Author: Erica Crouch}

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Day 7 – September 28th
Final Day!!!

This is it…. this is the end of Falling for Autumn Read-a-Thon. I had such a wonderful time hosting this read-a-thon – though it was hard work it was so worth it – I’m really excited about next year now.

Yesterday, Day 6, Kayla @The Thousand Lives hosted a cover hunt. I don’t know about you but I had a blast with it. In case you haven’t seen it, you can go to this link.

And for the last day of the read-a-thon I’m very flattered to welcome Erica Crouch and her amazing guest-post. 

And for this last day, Emily @Books and Clevesness is hosting a challenge despite having had a terrible month. I can only thank her for her courage and devotion ❤ 


Erica Crouch’s Guest Post:

| 3 Authors who have Changed My Life:

I did not become an author in a vacuum. Throughout my entire life, I’ve had books beside me – fictional friends to help me up during tough times, to make me laugh and believe, and to grab my hand and run when I wanted to go on an adventure. I owed their creators, the great authors who were akin to superheroes, everything I had. They created my imagination; or at the very least, they kindled it, stoked it, and set that box I would’ve confined myself in on fire.

As a kid, I never thought I would be so lucky to become an author myself. And yet here I am, in large part, I think, thanks to these authors. Whenever I hear people bemoan the lack of inspiration, I urge them to go to their bookshelves, or the closest library/book store. Inspiration can be found on every shelf. You just have to reach out, open the pages, and let their words influence you.

I have three authors who have truly made a mark on my writing career.

The first is Libba Bray, whom I’ve mentioned so often I’m sure most people roll their eyes when I bring her up. But I will never get tired of talking about the genius that is Libba Bray. Whether she’s writing about magic in a Victorian school for girls, a boy with mad cow disease traveling the country for a wild spring break trip, or mystery solving flappers and murderous ghosts, Libba Bray brings a complete mastery of storytelling. The voice she writes in is so recognizable and beautiful, yet each story feels completely new – I never worry she won’t be able to shift from one genre to the next. Her writing is smart, engaging, and powerful. And HELL does she know how to craft characters and setting!

A second author who has influenced my work is quite a recent one: Tahereh Mafi. Now, I’m not sure if “influenced” is quite the right word when it comes to what Tahereh Mafi has done to me. I think “knocked my pants off” or “had me convinced she was a witch because of her beautiful beautiful words” would be better descriptions. Tahereh Mafi is a wealth of inspiration. Here, again, is another powerful writer who has perfectly mastered her craft. The voice she writes in is unlike any other I have read, and I will forever be in awe of how she wrapped up her Shatter Me series. I don’t think I have ever read such a brilliant conclusion to a series, and I will look to her for guidance in tackling my own conclusions.

And finally, the last significant author in who has influenced my writing comes from my childhood. Back in middle school, amidst Harry Potter releases, I happened upon a book called Inkheart. It reinvigorated my love for the written word more than I would have ever guessed, and for nights, I could not stop reading this book. (And trust me, my parents tried to get me to put it down at the dinner table. That did not happen.) Cornelia Funke reminded me what power words can have, and she handled her story with such care that I couldn’t resist the pull to writing myself. I sometimes wonder if I may have chosen a different career path if it were not for Conrelia Funke’s books I read as a kid.

So, if you’re lacking inspiration and need that extra kick in the butt to really amp up your writing, find the nearest bookshelf and get reading. If you let their words influence you, you can go pretty far.


Well, not wanting to sound lame or anything, I have to admit that Erica Crouch is an inspiration to me. Thank you much Erica Crouch for this small insight of authors that made you write wonderful stories 😉

Erica Crouch has contributed with a super amazing giveaway. There’ll be four winners, three can win a ebook copy of her books [Ignite; Entice and Madly, Deeply] and one winner will win a ebook copy of the recently published The Lost Locket of Lahari Anthology 🙂

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Good luck everyone 😉

Don’t go away without leaving your Day 6 progress here:

And this is it everyone; the end of Falling for Autumn Read-a-Thon. But hey, there’s still time to read and finish all our goals, and to enter the giveaways and still read those guest-posts we haven’t read yet.

Tomorrow I’ll be publishing a wrap-up post where you can leave your wrap-up and share your thoughts about the read-a-thon, the guest-posts, the challenges and also share ideas for a future Falling for Autumn read-a-thon 😉

XX Ner


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