Showcase Sunday (#57)

This week was poor when it comes to books. However, I did get a book that came in my mail that took almost forever to get here. I have to thank Ula @Blog of Erised for her endless patience when it came to my emails saying this book never showed up 😉



  • Station Eleven – Emily St. John Mandel (I had previously won this book last year on a giveaway hosted by Ula and somehow it never got in my mailbox. In December I decided to warn Ula to this situation and she tried to get the publisher to send me the book. The result is the one above… I finally got it! The only thing I’m really upset about is the fact that my dust-jacket is ripped – see picture below. Still, I can finally read this book!!!!)
  • De Onde Vêm As Bruxas? – Joana Lopes & Luís Belo (PT Books – I had to buy this one because, first it was cheap, second because the title in English would be something like “From where do witches come from?” and, as you know, I’m a witch and love witches so I had to get my hands on this one. Plus, the pictures are pretty cool and awesome and it’s a perfect book to give to my niece in the future :P);




  • A Darker Shade of Magic [A Darker Shade of Magic #1] – V.E. Schwab (I’m really pissed right now! When I requested this book I didn’t noticed – or it wasn’t mentioned, I don’t know – that this was a preview excerpt of this highly anticipated book. So, when I got the email saying my request got accepted and I noticed it was just a preview, I wanted to cry my eyes out ’cause I really really really want to read this book… like, really badly!)



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