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INCITEAuthor: Erica Crouch
Release Date: February 17th, 2015
Publisher: Patchwork Press
Pages: 367 (Paperback)
 YA | Fantasy | Romance
Idiom: English
Series: Ignite #2
Read: from January 21 to 27, 2015
Source: NetGalley/Author | Kobo
ISBN: 9781927940266

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Earth is in ruins, and the war of Heaven and Hell has spilled over into the mortal world. In the frozen wasteland of the apocalypse, Azael and his band of cohorts search for Pen and Michael with orders to kill. Little does he know that his sister has incited a rebel army of her own.

Angels and demons alike stand side by side, ready and willing to fight for a future they didn’t realize they could have. Change doesn’t come easy, though. Pen is wary of joining New Genesis’s revolution, but when Azael shows his hand and Pen learns all that he holds over them, she chooses to fight back, no matter the risk. She only has to survive, one hour at a time.

Ner Reviews - Incite

Disclaimer: I received this book from the author, Erica Crouch, in exchange for an honest review.

When I was sort of “invited” to be part of Incite Blog Tour – I received Erica Crouch’s newsletter with the sign-up to it so, yah, I wasn’t directly invited as being invited by the author if you know what I mean – I couldn’t help myself but sign-up immediately. I mean, you all know I’m a fan of Erica Crouch, right? So, of course I had to be part of the Blog Tour. What kind of a fan would I be if I wasn’t part of it?

There are so many things I want to talk about… I don’t even know where to start!

Incite is told by two different points-of-view: Pen and Azazel. The fact that both twins are in different poles of the war makes the experience of reading this book much profound. They live opposite lives, each with their own idea of what is right and wrong. Whereas Pen is trying to absolve her evil deeds and live her life with the love of her life, Michael, Azazel is a dark soul whose solemn desire is to destruct Michael and try to regain his sister back. Being inside Azazel’s mind helped understand his own feelings. Thought in the other books you get a small glimpse at who he is, in Incite you get the whole picture. And in a way it’s both terrifying and amazing. He’s a character that despite the fact that he’s almost pure evil, you find yourself sympathizing with him.

The war settled down on earth and both sides – angels and demons – are not safe. Pen and Michael have to run and hide from heaven and hell, not safe anywhere and with fear of being captured. And that is when we meet Kala, an angel that is not quite what you would expect an angel to be. She’s quirky and perky and full of energy it was contagious. She has this foul mouth that is one of her best characteristics – she knows how to throw an F-bomb in the right moment. Her relationship with Ana brought a new light to the story – just because they are angels, it doesn’t mean that the LGBT side of the world should be neglected.

Ana and Kala are members of the rebellion group entitled New Genesis. These rebels are angels and demons alike, both sides trying to fight and defend a world that Pen always envisioned, the world she always wanted and fought for. Thankfully Pen and Michael have allies and friends to rely on.

One of the things that astonished me in Incite was how Erica managed to add both Jack the Ripper and Mulan within the story as a demon and an angel respectively. I mean, how freaking amazing is that?

Lilith is a character I can’t put my finger on. I never fully trusted her but in this book, with everything that we saw/heard through Azazel and then her epilogue at the end, I’m pretty sure that in the next book we will have a huge surprise. If that surprise will be good or bad, I think we all have to wait and see, right?

As always Erica’s writing is beautiful and intense. I can never get enough of her writing. Even in the most painful moments of the book, her writing captivates and draws you to the story you cannot step out of it without feeling like you severed something. You have this connection to all characters – Azazel included – that is unfathomable and powerful. She hypnotises you with words and that, ladies and gentlemen, is a true and pure gift.

Incite is one of the best sequels I’ve read in a while, a great continuation to an already amazing book. There is romance, gore, pain, death, friendship, a taste of everything you could ask for in a paranormal book with angels and demons. However, I must warn you that the cliffhanger and Lilith’s epilogue will leave you desperate to get the next book.

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About the Author:

Author Pic option 1

Erica Crouch is a young adult and new adult author from Baltimore, Maryland. She has a strange blended aesthetic of cute and spooky, and her books reflect her ever changing mood. (You may find romance, you may find gore—sometimes both in the same book, but probably not at the same time. Probably.)

Erica is the co-founder of Patchwork Press, an author-powered publisher of middle grade, young adult, and new adult titles. She is the head of editorial services and design, with nearly fifty projects to her name. Find a complete list of Erica’s books at

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4 thoughts on “Blog Tour Stop: Review & Giveaway: Incite by Erica Crouch

  1. Adorava ter esta trilogia, em português, na minha estante!!! Simpatizo com a autora pela deferência que tem para contigo. Tu mereces!!! Boas leituras!! Bj. Inês.

    • Não creio que saia em Português assim tao depressa… era bom pois acho que a Erica merecia. A sua escrita é maravilhosa e esta trilogia brutal… já para não falar da simpatia da autora 🙂

      Tive sorte em conseguir continuar o trabalho da Erica e de estar sempre atenta a quando ela lança coisas novas 😀

      XX Ner

  2. I actually won the complete series in a giveaway but have yet to read them all myself! I honestly cannot wait to get reading – they sound like some great books. 🙂

    • Seriously, READ THEM NOW!! Erica Crouch is becoming one of my favourite authors. Also, read her other work Madly, Deeply… it’s so emotional and good 😉

      Congratulations on winning the whole series btw 🙂

      XX Ner

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