While Reading in Public [Doctor Who Version]

One of my favourite things is reading at the café. I normally put on my headphones and play a soundtrack that goes well with what I’m currently reading and then I allow myself to simply fade into the book I’m reading.

Now, I’m sure that my facial expressions pretty much summons what’s happening in the book. And I’m also certain that some of those expressions might be totally embarrassing. Therefore I’ve decided to create this post where I’ll be presenting some of the faces, expressions we might do – or probably just me – while reading in public (’cause we all went through some of then, right?)

Of course I had to use Doctor Who’s gifs ’cause, who’s better to transmit emotions/ expression/ faces than the Doctor himself?! 😉

1. Angry!
(normally used when something isn’t going the way you want and rage begins to bobble up.)

2. Sad!
(normally used when something extremely sad – or maybe something emotional that makes your eyes burn – happens.)

3. “Let me put on my glasses because things just got interesting!”
(normally used when… well, just read the title!)

4. Confused!
(normally used when you’re not sure about what’s going on or have no idea what’s happening.)

5. Fangirling!
(normally used when something very exciting in the book happens between your favourite characters – come on, we all now that when our OTP does something, we freak out :P)

6. Laughing!
(normally used when something funny, silly – even something that made you nervous and then you feel that amazing relief – happens.)

7. “Wait…. WHAT?!”
(There are several types of “WHAT?” but this one is normally used when something extremely maddening happens – or when the author simply decides to change tactics and you sure did not see that coming and you’re not happy about it.)

8. Crying! (normally used when something makes you cry hard – it normally comes after the “Sad” expression. Or when you can’t control your emotions.)

9. “You’ve got to be f#$%*@ kidding me!” (normally used when something unexpected happens – it sometimes might come after the “WHAT?!” expression. Or when the author decides to change the game – again – and you freak out because everything was going smoothly. Or when you did not see that one coming!)

10. “Don’t you dare!!”
(normally used when a cliffhanger is about to crash upon you! Or when your favourite character decides to do something reckless. Or when the author is going to create a love triangle. You pick!)

Of course that this is a work in progress… there’s a lot more expressions/emotions while reading. These were the ones I remembered straight away.

If you want, you can share any emotion I haven’t shared 🙂



5 thoughts on “While Reading in Public [Doctor Who Version]

    • Ah, twisty plots can bring up so many reactions but the “Don’t you dare” one fits pretty well 🙂

      I’m glad you liked it and thank you so much for commenting ^_^

      XX Ner

  1. Oh man, this post was the best. I go through a lot of small sounds and expressions when I am reading as well, as those who are around me when reading should know. But you know, Doctor Who is the best way to do ANYTHING, so I am glad all those gifs were there to make me laugh 🙂

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