Showcase Sunday (#63)

I am so so so so sorry!!! I haven’t posted one of these for what feels like ages now. Of course I am to blame since I’ve been busy with University but I cannot believe I didn’t managed to take few minutes to share with you the books I got for review. So, this post will have all those pretty awesome books I should have shared with you before 🙂

-NetGalley/ Edelweiss-


  • Witch Hunter [The Witch Hunter #1] – Virginia Boecker (Do I really need to explain the reason I requested this book? It’s a book about witches and the blurb says it’s Graceling meets Game of Thrones! Seriously, what more could I ask for?);
  • Thirteen Days of Midnight – Leo Hunt (I don’t really recall the reason why I requested this one but I’m sure there was a pretty good reason. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s those countdown books where the main character was to do/find something before time goes up… We’ll see how this one goes later :P);
  • The Edge of Forever – Melissa E. Hurst (This book was for free download on Edelweiss and since it’s sci-fi/time-travel book, I thought “why not?”. And, this might sound pretty stupid, but there’s a character named Alora and I kind of liked the name :P) ;
  • The Temple of Doubt – Anne Boles Levy (Another free book from Edelweiss that sounded quite interesting. Not really sure about what to expect from this one but, hopefully, it won’t be that bad :P);
  • Seriously Wicked – Tina Connolly (Another book with witches!!! I saw this book on NetGalley and had to request it. The cover, the synopsis, the fact that it was written by Tina Connolly – I reviewed her Jane Eyre inspired book Ironskin and loved it – just made me want this book even more. Of course that when it was accepted, I literally freaked out. This book made an appearance here on the blog as one of my Wishlist Wednesday :P);
  • The Nowhere Emporium – Ross MacKenzie; (Now, there’s something you need to know: when a blurb says something like “perfect for the fans of Neil Gaiman”, you can bet I will try to get my hands on it. And this one had that on its NetGalley blurb so, after reading what sounded like a very cool story, I had to request it. I’m so glad it got accepted :P)
  • From a Distant Star – Karen McQuestion (The synopsis doesn’t really give that much away but I’m hoping there’s some alien stuff in the book… that was the main reason I downloaded – it was in Read Now on NetGalley – this book in the first place. Plus, I find the cover really sweet :D;
  • Hexed [The Sisters of Witchdown #1] – MIchael Alan Nelson (This book is based on a comic book by the same author. I’m super excited about this one since I requested it on Edelweiss AGES ago and I finally got accepted. If I happen to enjoy only the story, I might try the comic :P);



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