Back in the Game!!!

I know I haven’t posted anything for months but it has been terribly complicated. University, niece and life has stolen all my time. But now that I’m on Summer vacations, I will be back with news, reviews, hopefully a giveaway to compensate you all and much more.

As for my story, Deephaven, I also had to put that aside but I am trying to get back to it. My original idea faded away but I’m having others that I might use to continue the story. As soon as I have a new chapter to post, I’ll let you all know.

I’m super excited to be back since I missed posting things on the blog, sharing news and exciting stuff. I admit that I needed time out from the blog and all the work around it. I needed to focus on University and my personal problems in order to be able to be back in time. I guess that if I didn’t do that, I would be deleting the blog in a few weeks. So, I’m glad I’ve decided to put it on a short hiatus.

I’m also quite amaze with how many people keep visiting my blog despite the fact that it has been quite. And I missed every single one of my followers and I have to thank you all for keeping up enduring me. You are the solemn reason, as I always say, that this blog is alive. 



9 thoughts on “Back in the Game!!!

  1. Fico feliz com o regresso. Eu também não tenho cumprido a minha parte. Espero que o blog continue com o sucesso que merece, graças às tuas ideias. Bj. Vê o meu mail e diz alguma coisa… Inês.

    • Precisei do hiatus… a maldita fac realmente faz com que uma pessoa perca o interesse nas coisas que mais gosta. Mas estou de volta e se não fosse o teu apoio, talvez não tivesse voltado 😉

      XX Ner

  2. Contas sempre com o meu apoio. Fico feliz com as tuas palavras. Preciso do teu blog no meu dia-a-dia. Mesmo que não comente ou não te envie nada, contas sempre com o meu incentivo. Desejo que tudo volte à normalidade. Bj. Inês.

    • (não sei porquê nã recebi notificação deste teu comentário!!! Hum… weird!)

      Também preciso dos teus comentários no blog… És a minha fã nº 1 hehe xD

      Love ya very much sweetie ^_^

      XX Ner

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