Showcase Sunday (#64)

I’m so sorry that this post is very but very late. Today was cleaning day so I spent all of my day cleaning the house. Still, I managed to come to the laptop – even if after midnight here in Lisbon – and share with you the books I got from NetGalley!! Super excited about them 🙂 Check them out:

-NetGalley/ Edelweiss-

Infinite Miss Mabel Spelled

  • Infinite [Ignite #3] – Erica Crouch (OMG!!! I cannot believe that I have the last book in the Ignite series! I’m not prepared for this but at the same time I need to know what happens!!! I’m pretty sure Erica will simply blow us away with this conclusion and I will always follow her work no matter what :D)
  • Miss Mabel’s School for Girls [The Network Series #1] – Katie Cross (It’s a book about witches!!! And it’s set in a school… do I really need to say more?!);
  • Spelled – Betsy Schow (THOSE SLIPPERS!!!!!! THOSE ARE LOUBOUTIN SLIPPERS!!!! GIMME GIMME!!!! Oh God… I needed this book the moment I read the plot! It’s set on the Wizard of Oz’s Emerald City and it sounds like an amazing fantasy book! And it’s the other way around… the main character has to find the Wizard to undo a spell that sent her parents to … *drum roll*… Kansas!!! I cannot wait to read this book!!!); 



2 thoughts on “Showcase Sunday (#64)

    • Haha… I totally understand you. Edelweiss is kind of weird to work with. I normally only go there to see books free to download (because I normally get denied whenever I request a book.).
      Still, I prefer NetGalley! Way easier to work and probably with a lot more variety of books than Edelweiss 😉

      XX Ner

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