While Reading in Public [Harry Potter Version] | #2

You probably remember this post – While Reading in Public [Doctor Who Version], right? Well, if you don’t you can always click on the link and check it out. That post had some pretty good feedback and since there are still a few expressions left – we all know we have a lot of emotion inside us – I’ve decided to create the sequel to that post, this time using Harry Potter gifs 🙂

Though I should change the title to “All the FEELS While Reading!” hehe xD

1. My body is read!
(Can be used in so many contexts… you pick one! ;-))

2. Upset!
(Well, the title basically says it all. I find myself upset quite a lot while reading a book – especially when a character was stupid enough to do something she/he shouldn’t have);

3. Shocked!
(Do you know those rather unexpected twists you literally didn’t see them coming?! This is me when those happen…)

4. Here we go again!
(I think the gif explains it on itself, doesn’t it?)

5. I need a hug!
(You know when your emotions are in turmoil and you need someone to hold you close and tell you everything is gonna be alright?! Yap, that’s it…)

6. Rage!
(When you’re extremely enraged with the author, character(s), everything and everyone and you only want to Avada Kedrava them!)

7. In love!
(When you fall in love with the book or a character – or other thing/someone you might fall in love with while reading a book)

8. BOOM!! S%$#’s going down!!!
(When the action finally picks up and heads begin to roll – maybe not that literal but you get it!)

9. Ron’s prediction of how we feel about (almost) EVERY book!
(Come on, you know it’s true!! Just don’t link this point with the next one *wink wink*)

(When your favourite character dies – there’s no other way to describe this reaction, is there?)

Would you believe in me if I told you that some gifs I found made me tear up a bit?! And I just realised that Emma Watson has the best gifs – I had to control myself not to use her in every single reaction 🙂



3 thoughts on “While Reading in Public [Harry Potter Version] | #2

    • Thank you 🙂

      Your post dedicated to Emma was brilliant!!! She’s simply the best and a true inspiration to everyone (even for me)! I have a sort of girl crush on her since HP hehe xD

      Thanks for stopping by btw ^_^

      XX Ner

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