Showcase Sunday (#67)

Hello bookworns! You have no idea just how flipping excited I am! For this week I finally got my hands on a book I was desperate to have!! Of course I had to wait for the Portuguese edition because my mum’s also a fan but… I finally have it! Check out what I’m talking about:

-Physical Books-

Insta SundayShowcase


-NetGalley/ Edelweiss-

The ShadowsAccidentStarlight

  • The Shadows {The Fianna Trilogy #1] – Megan Chance (I had mentioned on my previous Showcase Sunday that I hoped my request for this book to be accepted… well, it was. Now, I only need time to read-binge this series :D);
  • The Accident Season – Moïra Fowley-Doyle (I’m super curious to read this book. I have no idea what to except from this but the plot had me intrigued. Let’s hope this will be a huge surprise to me :P;
  • A Thousand Nights – E.K. Johnston (I didn’t even remembered having requested his book until I received the email saying it had been accepted! And, I mean, this is based on the famous tale of the same name… which I’m pretty sure all of us have read once in our lives. So, yah, no surprise in it, right?)
  • Spinning Starlight – R.C. Lewis (OMG OMG OMG!!! I cannot believe I have this book… I LOVED Stitching Snow, which was one of my favourites from last year and I’m super to read this one. I mean, this is a retelling of The Wild Swans with a sci-fi twist!! *fangirls*);
  • Hunter [Hunter #1] – Mercedes Lackey (SAY WHAT?! I got this book to read? I cannot believe… I have this book on my wishlist and I’m super duper pumped to read it! Just the cover and the plot as me hyperventilating);



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