Showcase Sunday (#68)

Hello amazing people! I have been slightly absence from blogging and I blame my new phone (yes, I have a new phone… it’s called Optimus Prime hehe xD). And also because I’m still reading my Master, Dreader’s Pool – really, having a new phone makes it even harder for me to focus on a book! Even a Juliet Marillier’s book :S)

Still, I got some pretty books this week that I’m super excited to share with you. Check them out::

-NetGalley/ Edelweiss-


  • The Witch of Napoli – Michael Schmicker (A historial fiction book with a paranormal twist?! Kirkus Reviews says it’s an amazing book?! Yes, I’ll have a copy, please!);
  • Lair of Dreams [The Diviners #2] – Libba Bray (I haven’t read the first book yet – SAY WHAT? – but this one was on Read Now – and it wasn’t a preview excerpt… I checked! It has 523 pages… a preview normally doesn’t have that many pages, right?! – on NetGalley and I couldn’t control myself. Maybe this’ll be the motivator I need to finally get The Diviners :D);

Now, let me share with you the cover of a book I mentioned on my last Showcase Sunday but totally forgot to put the cover: A Thousand Nights by E.K. Johnston. I don’t know which cover I like the most (mine is the left one)… they are so pretty! Let me know which one you prefer on the comments 😉


And even though this isn’t a new book – I’ve already showed you this book on this Showcase Sunday, I’m leaving here the cover of Awakened [Resilient #2] by Patricia Vanasse (she revealed the cover yesterday on her facebook page and since I have my stop on Tuesday, I thought I should do a small Cover Reveal here on the blog :P):




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