Showcase Sunday (#68)

Hello Earthlings! I know I have been slightly absent from social networking but I have been dealing with a few family issues. And I also been dealing with writer’s block and a slight reading slump… which is stupid ’cause I’m still reading my Master! I’m having a reading slump while reading Juliet Marillier!!!

I didn’t want to disappoint you Master… I really didn’t!! *hides in a corner, cries her eyes out, holds book to her heart, pats books with affection*

Still, that doesn’t mean I don’t try to get more books! And this week I got a two books I’m super excited to read! Check them out:

-NetGalley/ Edelweiss-

Golden BraidSleepingKing

-Kindle App-

This is a new feature in my Showcase Sunday posts. I’ve recently downloaded the Kindle app for my Optimus Prime and got some free ebooks from amazon. So, I’ve decided to share them with you 🙂 

AshKraftonBlemishedBrandedSheWhoHighWitchTerra HarmonyEndingFallingUnseenInsanityAwakenedEMindReaders



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