Showcase Sunday (#70)


It’s my sister’s birthday today and I’m super excited. She’s my sister and I love her very much therefore, I have to shout out to the world how amazing she is!

However, this is about books and since she’s not much of a reader, there’s not really much to share about her except that she’s a Potterhead and a Whovian like me 🙂

Back to books!

My reading slump is gone and I’m now reading all those beautiful books I mentioned on my TBR. I’m not going to be able to read them all but I’m aiming to read at least three as I mentioned on my last Friday Reads. Let’s see how that goes.

So, another week… another Showcase Sunday. There’s a book in here I totally forgot to share last week since I didn’t downloaded it from NetGalley and didn’t had it on my list of NGTBR (NetGalley To-Be-Read). So, I’m sharing it with you now plus some Read Now books I’m excited to read.

-NetGalley/ Edelweiss-


  • The Night Parade – Kathryn Tanquary (This is the book I had forgotten to share last week. It was on Read Now and I had clicked on the button but didn’t downloaded it – don’t know why! The main reason I “requested” this one was that beautiful cover… it reminds me Legend of Korra when the portals to the Spirit World was opened. Really looking forward to read this one and see if books set in Asia are my thing :P);
  • Shattered Blue [The Light Trilogy #1] – Lauren Bird Horowitz (Another Read Now book that caught my attention because of the character – Noa! Seriously, that’s one of my nicknames from my friends and family so how cool is that? Plus, the synopsis sounded quite intriguing so… why not?;
  • Lumière [The Illumination Paradox #1] – Jacqueline Garlick [I had added this book to my Wishlist on Goodreads. The cover is gorgeous and the plot sounds super interesting. When I saw it on Read Now, I had to download it immediately… Plus, am I the only one who thinks about Beauty and the Beast’s Lumière when reads the title? xD];
  • Darken the Stars [Kricket #3] – Amy A. Bartol [Since I’m auto-approved to 47North, and since I have the other two books in this series, I’ve decided to download this one as well. I might do a marathon and read the trilogy in one sitting but for now I’m focusing on some other books. Still, this series is definitely one I’ll be reading in the near future :D]

-Kindle App- 




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