Showcase Sunday (#71)


Okay, so, I had kind of placed myself on a “request ban” but I broke it! I did requested a few books and got some that were Read Now on NetGalley!! I’m such a terrible person, I know!

But I got some pretty awesome books so I can’t actually complain. Yay!!

Check out the books I got:

-NetGalley/ Edelweiss-


  • Gambit [The Prodigy Chronicles #1] – C.L. Denault (I got accepted for this book two weeks ago but since I didn’t had any more books to show you, I postponed this book. A sci-fi book where the human race has powers? Yes please!!);
  • Vengeance Road – Erin Bowman (The main reason I requested this book has to do with the fact that I never actually read anything Western. And Erin Bowman is quite a famous author despite the fact that I haven’t read her previous series – Taken – but everyone has been saying quite amazing things about this book. So, I’m pretty intrigued and curious to read this book :P);
  • The Flux [Mancer #2] – Ferrett Steinmetz [I admit that I thought this was the 1st book in a series when I requested it. Still, I’m curious about this videogamemancers… like, what?!);
  • Shadows [The Rephaim #1] – Paula Weston [Casey from Case Ann Reads loves this series and I find it funny that she published this video – here – this week and this book is on Read Now on NetGalley! Which means, we can all know why she loves this series so much :D);
  • Noir [The Illumination Paradox #2] – Jacqueline Garlick (This was on Read Now on NetGalley and since I have the 1st book, why not get the sequel?);



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