Bout of Books 14 {Day 3}

Bout of Books
Participant 41 ~ Leonor (Ner) @ A Cup of Coffee and a Book


Reading: Hunter – (7% done – Page 22)
Pages Read: 63 p.
Books Read: 1/3
Total Pages Read: 264 p. (pathetic!)

Day 3: Wednesday 19/08

Rocky Top Real Talk — MASH

‘MASH is a fun little game where you write up options for your future and then after getting a number, go through until you have one choice for each category – and have your future right there in front of you!’

I had quite a blast doing this challenge. Check it out (and pardon my horrible spelling :S):

So, apparently I live in Gatlin (from Beautiful Creatures – using a lot of this book in this Bout of Books) with my significant other Perry (from Under the Never Skyswoon!!) with our pet daemon (from Northern Lights) and I work as a wizard (from every single fantasy book featuring wizards and witches – mainly Harry Potter and Witch Hunter).

Sorry, no Harry this time. He’ll be making appearances on challenges concerning showing off my books!

How did your MASH turned out? Let me know your future in the comments 😉



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