Bout of Books 14 {Day 4}

Bout of Books
Participant 41 ~ Leonor (Ner) @ A Cup of Coffee and a Book


Reading: Hunter – (16% done – Page 54)
Pages Read: 32 p.
Books Read: 1/3
Total Pages Read: 296 p. (again… pathetic!)

Day 4: Thursday 20/08

Kimberly Faye Reads — 4 Seasons Book Covers

‘For this challenge, you need to convey the four seasons in book covers – through color, title, cover, etc. You can be literal or take a more creative approach. Anything goes! Just show me four seasons in book covers.’

This was slightly harder than the other challenges. Coming up with books that matched the four seasons wasn’t easy. Specially Summer… But, I made it and here are the choices (by colour!):


  • Spring (Green): Graceling;
  • Summer (Red): Crown of Midnight;
  • Autumn (Orange/Lavender): Delirium;
  • Winter (White): The Iron Daughter;

Oh, and there’s Harry, so happy to be reunited with Celaena after two days. He simply adored her the moment he saw her. What can I do? Who can say no to that little face? 🙂

Which books did you picked for your four seasons?



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