TBR | September


August was yet another month that simply didn’t work that well for me. From all the books I wanted to read, I only managed to read 4… 4!! Well, 5 if you count Hunter which was a DNF book (but will pick up in the future, don’t worry :P).

And now it’s September and we’re almost at the end of the year. And I’m starting Uni this month as well. So you can say that this new month will be quite complicated but I’m praying for the best 😉

TBR | September


Apart from Twilight Visitor, I don’t really believe I’ll be following this exact order. There are a few books in this TBR that I’m so pumped to read that I might jut jump into it. And I cannot wait to re-read Throne of Glass since I’ll try to but all the rest of the books I’m missing for my birthday next month 😉

And this month I’m having again that bit of Reader’s Choice so you can help me exactly with the problem mentioned above. Which book after Twilight Visitor YOU think I should pick up? Depending on the book you guys vote, my second reading will be up entirely up to you – last month Witch Hunter won and I’m so happy you guys voted for it 🙂

What about you? What are your reading plans for this month? 



7 thoughts on “TBR | September

    • I cannot wait to go back to Throne of Glass!!! Man… I still need Heir of Fire (I know… how is that even possible!! Ugh… I need CHAOL!!!) but I’m soooo excited for Queen of Shadows!

      I enjoyed the Selection more than I had expected. Hoping the Elite will also surprise me (in the positive way!) 😉

      XX Ner

      • I haven’t read Heir Of Fire that long ago either (March) and I can’t wait to continue the series. Everybody seems to be reading it right now and I’m afraid to read any posts about it because of spoilers lol. 😉 Good to know you enjoyed The Selection! I’ve heard a lot of people saying the main character isn’t exactly likeable… But I want to give it a go soon anyway.

      • I’m avoiding spoilers as much as possible! I was spoiled for Allegiant on Twitter so now I just skip it :S

        I didn’t had that much problems with America Singer (main character in The Selection). Just a few idiotic things that made me upset but otherwise, I did enjoyed it 🙂

        Hope you’ll like it when you read it and let me know what you thought of it when you do ^_^

        XX Ner

      • The same happened to me with Allegiant! (although not on Twitter) I really hate spoilers so I’m trying to stay away until I’ve read Queen Of Shadows. And hopefully I can read The Selection soon! 🙂

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