I am extremely sorry for the total lack of updates these past few days. As some of you might remember, I started my last year at University (at least I’m trying for it to be the last year) and I spent the weekend trying to rest and relax before Monday. And yesterday has been slightly complicated for me to come to the laptop. And I haven’t been reading that much so my progress is very slow.

I’m super excited for my new semester at college despite it the fact that I really didn’t want to go back (studying?! Ugh!!). I’m currently doing a minor (a minor course outside your main one) in Archaeology/History. It’s going to be pretty tough to keep up with it since it’s not my main area but I’m really looking forward to learn more about history. It’s important to know history when you’re studying Literature. Being able to know which social events, political and cultural led some authors to write their novels makes it even the more special. Plus, just how cool it is to say that I’m studying Archaeology even if it’s not my degree but a minor part of it? I feel so freaking intelligent when I say that 😀

But now I am back with a few reviews that I’m missing posting (yes, Gathering Deep… I’m talking about you!). There are a few emails I need to send and some posts for my upcoming Read-a-Thon (keep in tune for the official kick-off on Monday :D) coming next week. Super excited about it. So, if you want to sign-up for it, go here.

In the meantime, I want to thank everyone who has already signed-up and a HUGE THANK YOU to my lovely hosts ❤

I also want to say that I couldn’t do the Cover Reveal for The Fallen Prince by Amelie Howard yesterday because I didn’t had time to post it. But I am sharing it today so keep an eye out for that after this post 😉

Also, I currently created a snapchat account.If you want to follow my stories there, you can add me as nerthewitch (and if you want me to follow, let me know) 😉

Thanks for keeping up with me and WELCOME TO NEW FOLLOWERS!!! *waves hand*



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