Day 5: Falling for Autumn 2.0 Read-a-Thon {394 Page Sentence Challenge}

Falling For Atumn 2.0 Read-a-Thon

Day 5 – September 25th

Day five of Falling for Autumn Read-a-Thon 2.0 is here!! We’ve made it this far and the weekend is just around the corner. Super excited for today’s challenge and to know how’s everyone’s progress going 🙂

But, first, did you had fun with yesterday’s Cover Puzzle Challenge? Be honest, was it too hard? Did you get any of the covers I shared? I honestly hope you liked it 😀

Now, this is the same old drill. You can share your Day 4 progress on the linky below and let everyone know just how this read-a-thon is going:

I’m so pumped about today’s challenge. I’ve been thinking about this challenge for a while now and I finally had a reason to share it with all the Potterheads and bookworms out there. Now, let’s start this first day with a funny challenge.

Let me present you the 394 Page Sentence!

In this challenge all you have to do is open your currently reading book (or one of the books you’ll be reading for this read-a-thon) and TURN TO PAGE 394 (*Snape tone*) and read the first full sentence.
If your book doesn’t have that many pages, then turn to page 31 (see what I did there?) and do the same.

Now write your own continuation of 55/75 words using that sentence. Your sentence can be after, before or in the middle of your own continuation. Let’s use some colours to distinguish it: green for the book’s sentence, blue for your own continuation.

I’ll share an example using none other than Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows:

“‘I need to break into a Gringotts vault.'”

“You need what?” Hermione said completely in shock at what I just announced. “Are you crazy? No-one breaks into a Gringotts vault and you know that.”

“But that’s the funny part of it” I said with a grin that made her raise her eyebrows and Ron to purse his lips, “I’m going to be the first one!”

(total words: 57)

See, it’s easy enough. In this case it was easier because I already knew HP but the fun part is coming up with all sort of scenarios with only one sentence.

You can leave a comment below with your sentence or a link to your blog (or any platform you’re posting it).

Have fun!!!  



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