Showcase Sunday (#74)


OMG!!! Tomorrow’s my birthday and I’ll be turning 27… twenty-freaking-seven!!! I am so getting old!!! But deep inside I don’t feel almost thirty… I feel quite young! Oh well… to grow-up would be an awefully big adventure! Indeed!

So, these past weeks I haven’t posted any Showcase Sunday because I didn’t had that many books to show you. However, I did got a book that I’m super duper excited to read and be part of it since I am a fan of the TV-series.

Anyway, here we go to yet another haul::

-Sent by the Publisher-

  • Brave New World [Heroes Reborn #1] – David Bishop (Oh yes, you got it… this is the book I am super excited about. Though I haven’t started watching the new series – I’m currently re-watching the previous seasons – I was extremely over the moon when I received an email about this. I immediately replied saying that I wanted in! And now I have the book (cover not on Goodreads yet though my copy has one) and as soon as I start watching the new series, I’ll be reading this! This will be a series of – I think – six book set in the Heroes Universe. It’ll tell the story of some characters we already know and I’m super pumped! Thank you Smith Publicity for the heads up :D;


-Kobo Free-


  • Ted Saves the World [Ted Saves the World #1] – Bryan Cohen (Ben, Benjamin of Tomes, chose this book for his #readwithben month and recently announced that this book was free for download. So I decided to get my copy. I don’t know if I’ll be able to actually be part of the read-a-long but I’ll be looking forward for Ben’s opinion on the book.);



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