TBR | April


So, we’re in April now… seriously?! But the year just started and we’re already in April?! Come on time… stop flying like this. Ain’t nobody got time to do anything like this!!

Anyway… first of all, I’m not going to do a March wrap-up since I didn’t read anything *sighs* Maybe this new month will be different since I have a TBR planned and really want to go through with it.

Secondly… I need to share it with you… MALEC!!! Did you guys see MALEC kiss on Shadowhunters?! Wasn’t it beautiful, perfect, sexy as hell (seriously, I found it sexy) and simply amazing?! I’m still fangirling even after all these days! MALEC and Simon are pretty much the only thing that is making me watch the series so this was something quite of an accomplishment!! I mean, look at that (WARNING: don’t see the gif if you haven’t seen the episode and/or have heart problems!)

Okay.. I’m good *continues to internally freak out*

So, here’s my planned TBR for the month of April:

TBR | April

As you can see, I’m so in a Mortal Instruments moment!! As you know, I haven’t read the series yet but I am currently buying all the books so I can finally become a Shadowhunter. I’ll be buying one/two books a month! Yep, that is definitely happening! And I have to thank that kiss for that hehe ;P

And I’ll be extremely happy if I can read both my Uni books and The Inquisition (which will be released next month and I want to review it before the launch). We’ll see how that goes but do pray for me, please!

What about you? What are your reading plans for this month? 



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