25 Bookish Facts About Me Tag


So, because I have been quite absent from blogging – which I mentioned on my update post here that would eventually happen – I have decided to do something fun and that would make my new followers/friends (I consider you all friends :D) know a little bit more about myself.

I previously – like, ages ago – did a video about random facts about myself but today I will be sharing my bookish facts, or the facts that are as closely to bookish as I can. Which means… no secrets from you guys!

I wasn’t, as always, tagged by anyone but thought it would be fun to do it nevertheless 😉 

So, let’s start with 25 Bookish Facts About Me:

1) I am a slow reader. While people can read around 100 pages per hour, I have no idea how many I can read but it must be around 60;

2) But I have to admit that when I am engrossed in a book, I can indeed read around 100 pages per hour which sometimes results in having no idea how I managed to do that;

3) I only have around 100/150 books which for a bookblogger is pitiful. But I do read a lot of e-arcs so I have a lot of ebooks on my Kobo;

4) Speaking of my Kobo, I named it Bobby Socks because of reasons (and having been a fan of British boyband a1 is one of them! – long story.. it has to do with an interview I saw of them a few years back);

5) I always carry a book (or my Kobo) with me everywhere… and I mean everywhere. Even when I go out at night with my friends, I always carry a book. I might not even read it but just the idea of having it with me kind of smooths me. Is that normal or am I weird?

6) I always fan-cast the characters from the books I’m reading. Don’t ask me… I like having a face to the name I’m reading or else I won’t be able to connect with them;

7) And I always need names! I once read a book (yes, I’m talking to you A Thousand Nights) where the characters didn’t had names and it freaked me out so much it bordered on the obscene;

8) I haven’t read most of the famous series out there apart from Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Divergent and I’m currently determined in reading Cassandra Clare’s books. I also want to invest in Percy Jackson;

9) I own a total of 10 hard-covers because getting those in Portugal is freaking expensive as hell! 

10) And the only ones I bought myself were These Broken Stars and The Magicians – the rest I won on giveaways or were given to me;

11) While most people don’t really like love-triangles, I’m totally cool with it. I actually enjoy it when they are well written and developed. I like the thrill of theorizing with whom she/he will end up with;

12) My grandfather wrote a book about his memoirs. I haven’t read it yet because it’s rather painful since he passed away ten years ago. But I will, one day!

13) I lost count at how many times I’ve read Harry Potter in both Portuguese and English. I pretty much read the books once every year since I was 14 so… do the maths cause I suck at it!

14) I haven’t read The Lord of the Rings though it’s my ultimate favourite movie (but I did read The Hobbit and loved it very much);

15) I normally lie to people telling them I have read Dickens when I only read A Christmas Carol. It makes me feel rather smart saying that and I want to pick up Great Expectations one day;

16) I don’t mind reading with music, Actually, it’s the only way for me to read in public. I listen to mostly soundtracks but whatever I have on my playlist works fine;

17) I sometimes judge a book by its cover! Come on, we all sometimes do it, right?

18) I collect bookmarks and whenever I go to another city or place, I normally buy one or two as souvenir to my collection;

19) I appeared in at least two books acknowledgements (even though one was a friend’s book where I helped him with the ideas) and it made me feel super important;

20) I normally read at night which results in me going to sleep around 4 in the morning (sometimes later than that… other times I don’t even sleep!). Really, if the book it’s worth it, I don’t mind it at all 😉

21) I have never read a book where the main character and I shared the same name and somehow that makes me sad!

22) I have been to Lello’s Bookstore where J.K. Rowling got inspiration to create Hogwarts staircases and I cried my eyes out (almost!) – see post about it here;

23) I don’t normally eat snacks when I read but when I do, it’s normally crisps or chocolate cookies;

24) As for drinks, hot chocolate, tea or coffee depending on my mood;

25) I have met my favourite author (Juliet Marillier) twice now and both times I felt so nervous I could barely speak properly but it was so damn GOOD!


26) And an extra fact: I still haven’t finished Inheritance by Christopher Paolini, the fourth book in the Inheritance Cycle though I really but really want to. I still have the bookmark marking where I was and that was around five years ago! In my defence: I pretty much read the whole series in one sitting so when I reached te fourth book, I was pretty tired of the whole saga! And the book is freaking ginourmous! I will finish it one day… eventually!!

There you go guys! 25 bookish facts about me that most of you probably knew already! It was fun creating this list and to see how weird I am. 

If you want to do this tag you can say I tagged you because I tag EVERYONE!  And because I love you all, here’s Tom Hiddleston and his ‘snake hips’ to make you smile! You’re welcome 🙂



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