TBR | June


So, June is here, apparently! And I’m so glad that my pseudo-reading-slump is slowly fading!

As you guys have probably noticed, this year so far has been terrible when it comes to reading. I changed my Goodreads Challenge to only 35 books because I am so behind schedule!

So, here it is, the five books I’m planning to read during the month of June! Check them out:

TBR | June

June TBR

What about you? What are your reading plans for this month? 



5 thoughts on “TBR | June

  1. Great TBR, I have been wanting to read The Witch Hunter as well! I’m not sure if I will ever continue TMI series though… I read the first two and have a copy of the next two, but I don’t like the series enough to be bothered.

    • I’ve read The Witch Hunter last year and really enjoyed it. I was so lucky to have won The King Slayer 🙂

      I’m currently reading City of Glass and I’m quite determined to read the whole series. But I know people that can’t really get into Cassie’s books. I also heard that The Infernal Devices is way better than TMI… I’ll be reading Clockwork Angels after this one 🙂

      XX Ner

      • I enjoyed The Infernal Devices way better as well! It has a love triangle, but I like the characters much better and the steampunk elements are great as well.

      • That’s great to know! It’s actually making me super excited to finally pick it up. Might binge-read the whole trilogy hehe ^_^

        XX Ner

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