Instagram = Bookstagram

In case some of you might not know about this, I try to Bookstagram a little once in a while. I’m not a professional when it comes to photos (even though I do have a pseudo-degree in photography), but sometimes I like to try to take a creative photo of my books and share them on Instagram.

Here are a few of my favourites:

BOOKSTA BOOKSTAG gemina IMG_20160609_225413

I normally take my photos with my phone (it does take some good quality pics). I have a pretty good editing app that allows me to do all sort of edits required to make a decent photo (light, saturation, shadows, blurring, etc…). But sometimes I take them with my camera because of the lighting, the background – even needing my phone to appear in the photo makes it necessary.

I follow a lot of Bookstagramers and normally drew inspiration from them and their pics. They have amazing photos and I know I won’t be as spectacular as them but I do try. Maybe, with practice I can be as good as them!

I also publish a lot of non-book-relate stuff! I could always create a specific Bookstagram account dedicated only to books but it wouldn’t be the same. My life and my books are the same.

So, if you wish to follow me, you can click on the pathetic new logo (yes, I find the new logo and new layout pathetic though I am now accustomed to it). If you want me to follow you, leave a comment with your username and I’ll check it out 😉



2 thoughts on “Instagram = Bookstagram

    • Right now I’m also used but when they changed I was like WTF O.o

      Aaawww… thank you so much! ❤

      XX Ner

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