Monthly Wrap-Up | July


August is here!! How on freaking hell is it August already? Though I felt that July was the slowest month to pass, I still cannot believe it’s August! And I still need to go to the beach!

And I’m sorry this post is super late. I had a quite busy last week of July and first week of August but now I’m back!!

Anyway, this last month I had a pretty quite interesting month when it comes to books! I’ve read four out of the six books I had planned to read and added a special one in the mix because… well, you’ll see! But I’m quite pleased with how July was a reading month and I have high expectations for August. In the meantime, take a look at the books I read last month:

Wrap-Up | July

  • Zenith [The Androma Saga #1] – Sasha Alsberg & Lindsay Cummings (3,5/5 cups) GR | Amazon
    • I quite enjoyed this one but I thought it was indeed too short! I think that if Sasha and Lindsay had waited a little bit longer and had released this book with a story that had a beginning, middle and end, it would have been amazing. But, still, I quite liked it and will be waiting for more parts to be released;-);
  • Tower of Thorns (A Torre de Espinhos -PT Edition) [Blckthorn and Grimm #1] – Juliet Marillier (4/5 cups – no review) GR | TBD
    • Even though I LOVE Juliet, this isn’t my favourite series of hers. Still, I enjoyed this one much more than the first book and I’ve also realised that I can’t write a proper review for her books. Why? Because my love for Juliet normally blinds me to the negative aspects of her stories – yes, she also has flaws; she’s human – and I always end up writing a review that mainly says ALL the good things about her books. And I think that’s not fair!;
  • And I Darken [The Conquerors Saga #1] – Kiersten White (4/5 cups) GR | TBD
    • I still don’t know what I feel about this book. I really liked it but there is something I can’t put my finger on! I mean, it’s an amazing book but I can’t still give it a proper rating! I’m giving it 3,5 cups but I can’t write my review for now… gonna wait a while before trying to review it!;
  • Harry Potter and the Cursed Child [Harry Potter #8] – J.K. Rowling & Jack Thorne & John Tiffany (4/5 cups – no review) – GR | TBD
    • OMG!! THE FEELS!!!!! I can’t control my emotions guys, you have no idea!! I read this book in one day – ONE WHOLE DAY!!I bought it and then read it in one sitting and that never happened before. And even though the book has its flaws and it was a weird HP reading experience – because it is the script of the play and not a novel – I enjoyed the book and the plot. Many people didn’t like the whole twist and turn and everything but I did. I liked how we managed to not only see our favourite trio as adults but also meet Scorpius and Albus and still be connected to the whole Voldemort plot – though I do admit some things felt slightly far-fetched even for Harry Potter. But, overall, having the opportunity to read this, to have one more story set in the HP universe was so well worth it. Even if it felt like a weird fan-fic, it was worth it and I’m sure as a play, it’ll be amazing!! Now I can only  waiting for a live DVD of the play or a movie because I know I won’t be able to actually see the play! 
  • Clockwork Angel [The Infernal Devices #1] – Cassandra Clare (4/5 cups – review to come) – GRTBD
    • Now I get why everyone loves TID! I admit it… it’s prety awesome! I loved meeting all these new characters and being able to connect it back to TMI and I adore Charlotte and Henry!! As for the main trio – I’m super curious about Will’s past because there’s a lot more going on, Jem is super sweet and I love him, and as for Tessa, I was hoping to be blown away by her character but so far she was only okay. I mean, I liked her but I’m hoping for much more from her in the upcoming books. Also, I loved that Magnus appears in this book because I freaking love him (and that bit about his favourite combination being black hair and blue eyes – MALEC ALERT!!! *swoon*);

And that’s a wrap!!!



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