Welcome to A Cup of Coffee and a Book.

This blog was created in January 2012 by Ner and is exclusively dedicated to books and, consequently, its movie adaptations. In here you can read reviews, participate in giveaways and have sneak-peeks of some books thanks to some Blitz/Blasts and Promos.

By the end of 2012 a new member became part of the blog when Inês was acclaimed co-reviewer of A Cup of Coffee and a Book. However, Inês posts will always bear a warning – a Portuguese flag – since her reviews are written and posted in Portuguese. The main language of the blog, despite it all, is English.

In August 2014 Carla became co-reviewer alongside Ner and Inês. Her role turned out to be more specific than Inês with Carla administering the blog and other social networks of the blog with Ner. Contrary to Inês, Carla reads and writes in English publishing her posts in that language. In 2015, Carla’s role diminished but she’s a great contributor when it comes to lend books to Ner. 

Each review will be the readers/reviewers solemn and personal opinion. Neither are making any kind of money by publishing their reviews, by hosting Blog Tours/Giveaways/Promos or any other sort of publicity. And neither intend to harm or humiliate anyone by posting a negative reviews. 

The Bloggers


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Ner: founder & blogger of the blog;  |  Inês: co-reviewer;

CarlaCarla: co-reviewer/ guest author/reviewer;
Page coming soon!

If you wish to contact us, you can read all our contact info here.

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