Book Haul | August

Book Haul

Hello wonderful people!!

Another month, another book haul!! Even though I didn’t buy any book this month, I managed to get a few through NetGalley that I’m super excited!! 


  • Summerlong – Peter S. Beagle (As soon as I saw this book, I knew I was going to request it no matter what. The cover alone made me want this book without even knowing what the story was all about. Of course that after reading the synopsis, I knew I was definitely going to request it because it sounds amazing!! Really pumped to pick this one up and I hope I’ll be amazed :);
  • Omega [Omega #1] – Lizzy Ford (I’ve been wanting to read this book for a while and when I saw it on NetGalley, I thought it was the best chance for me to finally have the opportunity to do so. And I’m super excited it got approved since I have the prequel (got it on Amazon for free!) and can know what the hype is all about :);
  • The Petrified Flesh [Mirrorworld/ Reckless #1] – Cornelia Funke (I’m so excited for this book. When I saw the name of the author – she wrote Inkheart and though I’ve never read it, I saw the movie and really enjoyed it – I had to try my luck. It sounds amazing so I couldn’t resist :D);


Book Haul | July

Book Haul

Hello fellow bookworms!!

Today I’m bringing you my July bookhaul!! Not that I bought that many books this last month but the ones I bought, I’m super excited to show you 🙂 Why?! Because there is one particular book that was worth everything this month!! I’ll get to that in a bit!

Of course, as always, if you have been following me on Snapchat (nerthewitch), Twitter (@LeonorNer) and/or on Instagram (@nerthewitch), you probably know the books I got this month but it’s always different posting it on the blog! As you know, I always share everything with you 😉

Check out the books I got this month:


So, the first books I got this month are second-hand copies and they were cheaper than buying them online or on my local bookstore. By the price of one, I bought two and, even though they are used, they book brand new!

I bought these books through an Instagram account – the person sells used books at a cheaper price. If you are Portuguese, you can follow it here!



  • Harry Potter and the Cursed Child [Harry Potter #8] – J.K. Rowling, Jack Thorne & John Tiffany (YES!! I AM FANGIRLING AND CRYING SO HARD!!! I haven’t bought a HP book in nine years – no, I haven’t bought any new editions or the illustrated edition because money is tight! – and this was quite expensive but WHO CARES?! IT’S HARRY POTTER!!! As soon as I was able to place my reserve, I went to my local bookstore and did it! And I have it… in my hands! And it’s beautiful, glorious, precious and I’m crying!!! Since I know I won’t be able to actually see the play, having the script and knowing the story is as close as I can get to be present. And now that WB bought the rights of the play, it’ll give every single one of us that won’t see it live, watch it for real! And yes, I’m freaking out so much I’m actually rambling… okay, I’m off!! *pats book lovingly*);


My Wrap-Up for the month of July and my TBR for August will be coming up this week for sure. I just been slightly busier than usual since I have to go back and forth between my house and my sister’s to take care of her cats!! But, they’re coming 🙂


Book Haul | June

Book Haul

Hello beautiful people!!

So, June is over! And with it I bring you a brand new Book Haul filled with awesome books! I’m quite happy because this month we had the Lisbon BookFair where I bought a few books and a brand new book by my favourite author came out… so, yes, I’m quite excited!

If you have been following me on Snapchat (nerthewitch), Twitter (@LeonorNer) and/or on Instagram (@nerthewitch), you probably know everything I got this month but still… I want to share it you!

On the BookFair I bought a total of three books for myself (plus two more for my mother!). I went there first with my aunt and the books I got were pretty much a bargain! And then I went there with Carla and before I left, I managed to buy one more book. Since it was the last day, all books were with 20% discount so the one I chose was cheaper than when I went there the first time. 

So, let’s jump straight into the books I got on the Lisbon BookFair:



  • Evernight [Evernight #1] – Claudia Gray (This is a second hand copy I got at the BookFair at a really cheap price. And since I’ve never read any Claudia Gray’s books and apparently this is “Twilight” done right” – according to author Maria V. Snyder – I thought, why the heck not?! I just didn’t know there were five books in this series… If I happen to enjoy this one, it’s going to take a while to get the whole series :S); 
  • Sapphire Blue [Ruby Red/ Edelstein Trilogy/ Precious Stone Trilogy #2] – Kerstin Gier (This was so cheap and such a bargained, I couldn’t really resist buying this book! It was only 3,50€ and since this is a sequel to a book I’ve read back in January/February, I couldn’t leave it behind, right?!);
  • Heir of Fire [Throne of Glass #3] – Sarah J. Maas (OMG!! I freaking finally have this! I bought this one when I went there on my second trip and I was lucky because all the books on that day – it was the last day – were 20% off so I bought this one at a cheaper price than when I went there the first time. My initial idea on my first trip was to buy Heir of Fire and Queen of Shadows – probably Heir of Fire and A Court of Thorns and Roses if available (which wasn’t by the way) but I found the prices – even the bookfair prices – ridiculously high! I mean, I could buy them online and they would be cheaper! But on my second trip it was 50/50 – meaning, it would be the same buying it online or buying it on the fair. So I made my choice! Unfortunately I couldn’t buy Queen of Shadows but that one will definitely be my next online buy :D);

I also got that bookmark with my name on it. It has the meaning of Leonor and on the back it has famous women with the same name. They were all Queens of Portugal 🙂 With the bookmark there was also the pencil with the same design and my name plus the meaning. I basically use it to pin my hair ;P I wanted to buy my mum one as well but they were quite limited when it came to names. My name and my twin’s were the only ones available though :S


  • A Torre the Espinhos/ Tower of Thorns [Blackthorn and Grim #3] – Juliet Marillier (You all know that Juliet is my favourite author… I mean, she’s my Master!! And I’ve been waiting for the sequel to Blackthorn and Grim for AGES now! And it finally came out, the second book but still… it’s better than nothing! I LOVE this cover so much… it’s so freaking beautiful and I’m super happy that Planeta – the PT publisher – decided to stick with the original ones!);



  • Zenith [The Androma Saga #1] – Sasha Alsberg & Lidnsay Cummings (For those of you who don’t know, Sasha is one of my favourite BookTubers – check out her channel abookutopia – so when I found out that she was releasing a book with Lidnsay Cummings, I told myself I would support her as much as I could. And I admit I’m super pumped to read this! I will be reading it in July and I will always support both Sasha and Lindsay. I hope their book will be picked up by a publisher – they are currently self-publishing this book themselves (hence it being out only as an ebook) – and that we all will have it as a physical book sometime in the future.);


  • Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet – Charlie N. Holmberg (I was auto-approved for this title and when I saw the cover, I had to get it. And then I read the synopsis and I was immediately sold! Let’s hope this book will amaze me as well as the cover :D);
  • And I Darken [The Conquerors Saga #1] – Kierstin White (You guys have no idea how excited I am for this book! I mean, a book. When I first cam across this book, read the description – back then it was something like “Vlad the Impaler for YA” – I knew I had to get my hands on this book! And I was not expecting to actually be approved for this title but I was!! I will definitely be reading this one in July! So freaking excited! I even had this one as one of my Wednesday Wishlist so… I’m so pumped indeed :P);
  • The Beginning Woods – Malcolm McNeill (This book was basically approved today – June 30th – and I really wanted to share it because, not only the cover looks super intriguing, but because the plot also sounds super interesting! Let’s see what this book will bring :D);
  • Split the Sun [Inherit the Stars #2] – Tessa Elwood (I haven’t read the first one yet but when I saw the sequel/conclusion – me thinks it’s also the last one – I thought it would be quite cool to have both books and marathon them. And since I’m auto-approved for these titles, even better! Let’s hope this series is good – I’ve read a few negative reviews though – because I quite like the sound of the plot!);


Book Haul | May

Book Haul


So… I have been terrible at blogging this year! I know that my reasons are always the same but it’s true. Still, since I’m now on vacations, I thought it was about time to let you guys know that I am alive!

I have also been slightly lacking on my social networks but I plan on changing that. Since I have more time and the days are now sunny (well… the weather is a bit bipolar but they are mostly sunny… chilly, but sunny!), I might try to take a few photos and post them online. I will also use my vacations to catch up with all my series… I haven’t watched a series in a month (I kid you not!) 

So, without further ado, let me share with you the books I got this month (PS: I might change my Showcase Sunday to a monthly Book Haul… what do you think?):


If you have been following me on Instagram then you have seen some of the books I’l be showing you. But in case you haven’t, here are all the books I got since my last Showcase Sunday:


  • City of Glass [The Mortal Instruments #3] – Cassandra Clare (As I think I have already told you, I am determined to read all Cassandra Clare’s books (apart from Lady Midnight). Whenever I get the opportunity to buy one of her books, I’ll do it and this last month I managed to buy at least two! Super pumped about this one because it seems to be everyone’s favourite in the saga…curious to know why :D);
  • Clockwork Prince [The Infernal Devices #2] – Cassandra Clare (And here’s Cassie’s second book I bought! I’m actually a little bit upset because this one doesn’t match my Clockwork Angel one (it’s bigger and one of those floppy paperbacks). But, still, I finally have the second book in the Infernal Devices series which means I can finally pick up where I left!);


  • The Witch Hunter [The Witch Hunter #1] – Virginia Boecker (I was one of the lucky winners to win this book (and the next one) on th author’s twitter giveaway. In case you don’t know, I’ve read The Witch Hunter last year (thanks to NetGalley) and really enjoyed it so I had to enter the giveaway when I first saw it. I’m so happy I won it! It’s signed by Virginia to me and the book is so awesome live!);
  • The King Slayer [The Witch Hunter #2] – Virginia Boecker (And this is the second book I won on Virginia’s giveaway… an ARC of her second book in he Witch Hunter series. I’m so excited to read this one… probably adding it to my June TBR! Thank you so much Virginia for the giveaway and for the books… and if you haven’t read this series yet, I recommend you to do it :P);

-Sent by the Author-


  • Zaria Fierce and the Dragon Keeper’s Golden Shoes [Zaria Fierce #3] – Keira Gillett (Lovely Keira connected me asking if I’d like to read and review the third book in her Zaria Fierce series. And since I adore this saga and been following Keira’s work for a while, I simply couldn’t refuse. And, funny story… when I first drafted this post, there wasn’t a cover available. And then, the day after, I go to Goodreads and there’s the cover, beautiful and ready to be shared. I’m currently reading this and you can expect a review during the next few weeks xD);


NetGalley Haul

  • Tell the Wind and Fire – Sarah Rees Brennan (I was super pumped when I got approved to read this book. Apparently Sarah Rees Brennan is a loved author (she wrote ‘The Lynburn Legacy’) but I never read any of her books! So, when I saw this one and the plot sounded super cool, I had to request it! And I got approved! I’ve already read it and my review will be up shortly… let’s just say that I will give this author another try :S);
  • Girl in the Shadows – Gwenda Bond (This is one of those books I requested because of the cover! I mean, look at it! But then I read the synopsis (when I got accepted I’ll admit) and was super happy when I realised that the plot sounds really interesting. So I’m excited to see what this gorgeous book has to  offer :P);


Showcase Sunday (#75)


YES!! My first Showcase Sunday of 2016. Despite not being active on the blog, I have been requesting and buying some books. Well, the books I bought are mainly for University but still… they’re books! So, this post will be to show you all the books I got from NetGalley/Edelweiss and the ones I bought for Uni.

Let’s start with the physical ones (aka College books!):



I’ve posted this photo on my Instagram and BooksAmino (@Ner the Witch). It features all the books I have to read this Semester for British Contemporary Literature and I’m quite excited for some of them. Truth is, apart from two (Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrard and Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf) that I already owned, the rest were recently bought. And they are:

  • Brideshead Revisited – Evenly Waugh(really excited about this one because this edition is gorgeous! It was the cheaper and the most good looking one so I got a great deal! I’m really curious about this one and I cannot wait to jump into it!);
  • 1984 – George Orwell (another book that I’m super curious to read. I’ve read and heard amazing things about this book and author and I’m hoping to learn a lot from this book);
  • The Remains of the Day – Kazuo Ishiguro (this was a choice between three other books – that I don’t remember the titles and authors right now. I decided to go with Ishiguro because I’ve never read his books and people seem to love his work. Let’s hope I’m one of those people :D);




  • The Inquisition [Summoner #2] – Taran Matharu (OMFG!!! I was actually contacted by the author to read and review the sequel to one of my favourite books of last year. So you can imagine just how freaking excited I am about this!!! You can read my review for The Novice here on the blog. I seriously cannot wait to start reading this book and re-enter this amazing universe Taran Matharu created. THANK YOU FOR REMEMBERING ME ❤);
  • Labyrinth Lost [Brooklyn Brujas #1] – Zoraida Cordova (I’m on a huge want-to-read-more voodoo and sort of magic right now so when I saw this book I  had to request it! Really curious about it and look at that cover!);
  • Relentless [The Hero Agenda #2] – Tera Lynn Childs & Tracy Deebs (this is the sequel to Powerless, another book I read last year and really enjoyed. I was super happy when my request to read the second book was approved. Cannot wait to know what’s going to happen to Kenna and the rest of the super-heroes and villains! Just one small thing: I don’t like how this cover turned out to be like! It has nothing to do with the first one and I’m sad about it :S);
  • Carry On – Rainbow Rowell (this one was on Read Now and I couldn’t resist. I’ve never read anything by this author but I’ve heard simply amazing things. However, I don’t know if picking up this one is the wise choice to enter into Rainbow Rowell‘s writing. What do you guys think?);



  • Soulless [The Immortal Gene #1] – Jacinta Maree (I’m pretty sure these next books were requested last year but due to my hiatus I didn’t share them with you. I requested this one firstly based on the freaking awesome cover! And then, when I read the synopsis, it sounded pretty interesting. I actually started this one in January but due to my reading-slump I put it down. But I will be picking it up this year, maybe around May :D);
  • A Reaper of Stone[A Reaper of Stone #1] – Mark Gelineau & Joe King (I’ve seen this book on Goodreads and the cover and synopsis always made me super curious about it! When I saw it on NetGalley – I think it was on Read Now but I can’t remember – I couldn’t resist!);
  • Acne, Asthma, And Other Signs You Might Be Half Dragon – Rena Rocford (seriously, can you blame me for requesting this book with that cover? And I’ve been wanting to read this book for a while now… I’m super pumped about it!);


Showcase Sunday (#74)


OMG!!! Tomorrow’s my birthday and I’ll be turning 27… twenty-freaking-seven!!! I am so getting old!!! But deep inside I don’t feel almost thirty… I feel quite young! Oh well… to grow-up would be an awefully big adventure! Indeed!

So, these past weeks I haven’t posted any Showcase Sunday because I didn’t had that many books to show you. However, I did got a book that I’m super duper excited to read and be part of it since I am a fan of the TV-series.

Anyway, here we go to yet another haul::

-Sent by the Publisher-

  • Brave New World [Heroes Reborn #1] – David Bishop (Oh yes, you got it… this is the book I am super excited about. Though I haven’t started watching the new series – I’m currently re-watching the previous seasons – I was extremely over the moon when I received an email about this. I immediately replied saying that I wanted in! And now I have the book (cover not on Goodreads yet though my copy has one) and as soon as I start watching the new series, I’ll be reading this! This will be a series of – I think – six book set in the Heroes Universe. It’ll tell the story of some characters we already know and I’m super pumped! Thank you Smith Publicity for the heads up :D;


-Kobo Free-


  • Ted Saves the World [Ted Saves the World #1] – Bryan Cohen (Ben, Benjamin of Tomes, chose this book for his #readwithben month and recently announced that this book was free for download. So I decided to get my copy. I don’t know if I’ll be able to actually be part of the read-a-long but I’ll be looking forward for Ben’s opinion on the book.);


Showcase Sunday (#73)

Last Showcase Sunday before classes!!!

So, tomorrow Monday I’m starting my last year at University and I so don’t want classes to start! I feel like this vacations just went way too fast! Didn’t had time to rest properly! But, at the same time I miss the routine and I’m excited to be back! Let’s pray that this semester goes smoothly.

But, that doesn’t mean that I won’t be showing you all the books I might get. And this week I have quite a few ones that I’m super pumped about!

So, check out the books I got:

-Sent by the Author-


  • Against All Odds – Patricia Vanasse (I was contacted by Patricia asking if I would be interested in reading her contemporary romance book. Though Contemporary isn’t exactly my genre, I know Patricia’s writing to be really good so I thought I should giving it a go! Thank you so much for sending me the book :D);


truthwitchthecasquettegirlsWarren CoverDeathsnifferpalacejobprophecyconpaladincaper


Showcase Sunday (#72)

Showcase Sunday is BACK!!!

I’ve been neglecting this meme/post for a while because I didn’t had that many books to show you. I don’t particular like to post this when I only have one book to show so I normally wait till I have more. Strange, I know. But I’m weird 😛

I did tried to stop requesting or downloading books from NetGalley but it’s impossible.You never know when you’re going to have an opportunity to request/read that book so I end up requesting quite a few books and praying they will be accepted. Some of them I’m still waiting (what’s taking so long?!).

One of the books I’m about to show you I got it two weeks ago. It was sent to me by the author to review and I’ll be hosting a giveaway as soon as I read it and review it. So keep an eye out on that.

Check out the books I got:

-Sent by the Author-


  • Twilight Visitor – Réal Laplaine (I was contacted by author the to read and review this one. And I dare say that the fact that there’s a Portuguese character and the book is set in Portugal was one of the reasons I accepted it. Also, this is a conspiracy book and I haven’t read that many conspiracy books apart from Dan Brown which is a guilty pleasure I have. I’ll be reading and reviewing this one in September and, as I mentioned, there’ll be a giveaway provided by the author so keep an eye out for that :P. Also, thank you Réal for the physical copy of the book :D);
  • The Viper and the Urchin – Celine Jeanjean (You probably will remember this book from this week’s Book Blitz I hosted from XpressoTours. Celine Jeanjean, the author, contacted thanking me for hosting it and also asking if I’d like a copy of the book as a thank you token, no strings attached. Of course I said yes since the main reason I signed-up for the Blitz was the fact that the synopsis sounded pretty interesting. So, thank you so much Celine for the copy of the book :D);



  • The Storm [The Rain #2] – Virginia Bergin (I still need to read the first book – H20 or The Rain – before diving into this one but now I can marathon these two books :D);
  • Never Never – Brianna Shrum (OMG!!! I’ve been wanting to read this book since I first saw it and now I can thanks to NetGalley accepting my request! This is a Peter Pan retelling from Hook’s pov. So, who can say no to that? Definitely reading this one in September :D);
  • Mad about the Hatter – Dakota Chase (This one was on Read Now on NetGalley and I couldn’t resist! Plus, apparently this is some sort of homosexual story with Alice’s brother and the Mad Hatter. I’m so curious about that twist. And it only has around 190 pages so it should be a quick read :D);


Showcase Sunday (#71)


Okay, so, I had kind of placed myself on a “request ban” but I broke it! I did requested a few books and got some that were Read Now on NetGalley!! I’m such a terrible person, I know!

But I got some pretty awesome books so I can’t actually complain. Yay!!

Check out the books I got:

-NetGalley/ Edelweiss-


  • Gambit [The Prodigy Chronicles #1] – C.L. Denault (I got accepted for this book two weeks ago but since I didn’t had any more books to show you, I postponed this book. A sci-fi book where the human race has powers? Yes please!!);
  • Vengeance Road – Erin Bowman (The main reason I requested this book has to do with the fact that I never actually read anything Western. And Erin Bowman is quite a famous author despite the fact that I haven’t read her previous series – Taken – but everyone has been saying quite amazing things about this book. So, I’m pretty intrigued and curious to read this book :P);
  • The Flux [Mancer #2] – Ferrett Steinmetz [I admit that I thought this was the 1st book in a series when I requested it. Still, I’m curious about this videogamemancers… like, what?!);
  • Shadows [The Rephaim #1] – Paula Weston [Casey from Case Ann Reads loves this series and I find it funny that she published this video – here – this week and this book is on Read Now on NetGalley! Which means, we can all know why she loves this series so much :D);
  • Noir [The Illumination Paradox #2] – Jacqueline Garlick (This was on Read Now on NetGalley and since I have the 1st book, why not get the sequel?);


Showcase Sunday (#70)


It’s my sister’s birthday today and I’m super excited. She’s my sister and I love her very much therefore, I have to shout out to the world how amazing she is!

However, this is about books and since she’s not much of a reader, there’s not really much to share about her except that she’s a Potterhead and a Whovian like me 🙂

Back to books!

My reading slump is gone and I’m now reading all those beautiful books I mentioned on my TBR. I’m not going to be able to read them all but I’m aiming to read at least three as I mentioned on my last Friday Reads. Let’s see how that goes.

So, another week… another Showcase Sunday. There’s a book in here I totally forgot to share last week since I didn’t downloaded it from NetGalley and didn’t had it on my list of NGTBR (NetGalley To-Be-Read). So, I’m sharing it with you now plus some Read Now books I’m excited to read.

-NetGalley/ Edelweiss-


  • The Night Parade – Kathryn Tanquary (This is the book I had forgotten to share last week. It was on Read Now and I had clicked on the button but didn’t downloaded it – don’t know why! The main reason I “requested” this one was that beautiful cover… it reminds me Legend of Korra when the portals to the Spirit World was opened. Really looking forward to read this one and see if books set in Asia are my thing :P);
  • Shattered Blue [The Light Trilogy #1] – Lauren Bird Horowitz (Another Read Now book that caught my attention because of the character – Noa! Seriously, that’s one of my nicknames from my friends and family so how cool is that? Plus, the synopsis sounded quite intriguing so… why not?;
  • Lumière [The Illumination Paradox #1] – Jacqueline Garlick [I had added this book to my Wishlist on Goodreads. The cover is gorgeous and the plot sounds super interesting. When I saw it on Read Now, I had to download it immediately… Plus, am I the only one who thinks about Beauty and the Beast’s Lumière when reads the title? xD];
  • Darken the Stars [Kricket #3] – Amy A. Bartol [Since I’m auto-approved to 47North, and since I have the other two books in this series, I’ve decided to download this one as well. I might do a marathon and read the trilogy in one sitting but for now I’m focusing on some other books. Still, this series is definitely one I’ll be reading in the near future :D]

-Kindle App- 



Showcase Sunday (#68)

Hello Earthlings! I know I have been slightly absent from social networking but I have been dealing with a few family issues. And I also been dealing with writer’s block and a slight reading slump… which is stupid ’cause I’m still reading my Master! I’m having a reading slump while reading Juliet Marillier!!!

I didn’t want to disappoint you Master… I really didn’t!! *hides in a corner, cries her eyes out, holds book to her heart, pats books with affection*

Still, that doesn’t mean I don’t try to get more books! And this week I got a two books I’m super excited to read! Check them out:

-NetGalley/ Edelweiss-

Golden BraidSleepingKing

-Kindle App-

This is a new feature in my Showcase Sunday posts. I’ve recently downloaded the Kindle app for my Optimus Prime and got some free ebooks from amazon. So, I’ve decided to share them with you 🙂 

AshKraftonBlemishedBrandedSheWhoHighWitchTerra HarmonyEndingFallingUnseenInsanityAwakenedEMindReaders


Showcase Sunday (#68)

Hello amazing people! I have been slightly absence from blogging and I blame my new phone (yes, I have a new phone… it’s called Optimus Prime hehe xD). And also because I’m still reading my Master, Dreader’s Pool – really, having a new phone makes it even harder for me to focus on a book! Even a Juliet Marillier’s book :S)

Still, I got some pretty books this week that I’m super excited to share with you. Check them out::

-NetGalley/ Edelweiss-


  • The Witch of Napoli – Michael Schmicker (A historial fiction book with a paranormal twist?! Kirkus Reviews says it’s an amazing book?! Yes, I’ll have a copy, please!);
  • Lair of Dreams [The Diviners #2] – Libba Bray (I haven’t read the first book yet – SAY WHAT? – but this one was on Read Now – and it wasn’t a preview excerpt… I checked! It has 523 pages… a preview normally doesn’t have that many pages, right?! – on NetGalley and I couldn’t control myself. Maybe this’ll be the motivator I need to finally get The Diviners :D);

Now, let me share with you the cover of a book I mentioned on my last Showcase Sunday but totally forgot to put the cover: A Thousand Nights by E.K. Johnston. I don’t know which cover I like the most (mine is the left one)… they are so pretty! Let me know which one you prefer on the comments 😉


And even though this isn’t a new book – I’ve already showed you this book on this Showcase Sunday, I’m leaving here the cover of Awakened [Resilient #2] by Patricia Vanasse (she revealed the cover yesterday on her facebook page and since I have my stop on Tuesday, I thought I should do a small Cover Reveal here on the blog :P):



Showcase Sunday (#67)

Hello bookworns! You have no idea just how flipping excited I am! For this week I finally got my hands on a book I was desperate to have!! Of course I had to wait for the Portuguese edition because my mum’s also a fan but… I finally have it! Check out what I’m talking about:

-Physical Books-

Insta SundayShowcase


-NetGalley/ Edelweiss-

The ShadowsAccidentStarlight

  • The Shadows {The Fianna Trilogy #1] – Megan Chance (I had mentioned on my previous Showcase Sunday that I hoped my request for this book to be accepted… well, it was. Now, I only need time to read-binge this series :D);
  • The Accident Season – Moïra Fowley-Doyle (I’m super curious to read this book. I have no idea what to except from this but the plot had me intrigued. Let’s hope this will be a huge surprise to me :P;
  • A Thousand Nights – E.K. Johnston (I didn’t even remembered having requested his book until I received the email saying it had been accepted! And, I mean, this is based on the famous tale of the same name… which I’m pretty sure all of us have read once in our lives. So, yah, no surprise in it, right?)
  • Spinning Starlight – R.C. Lewis (OMG OMG OMG!!! I cannot believe I have this book… I LOVED Stitching Snow, which was one of my favourites from last year and I’m super to read this one. I mean, this is a retelling of The Wild Swans with a sci-fi twist!! *fangirls*);
  • Hunter [Hunter #1] – Mercedes Lackey (SAY WHAT?! I got this book to read? I cannot believe… I have this book on my wishlist and I’m super duper pumped to read it! Just the cover and the plot as me hyperventilating);


Showcase Sunday (#66)

Hello fellow readers!! This week I’m super excited ’cause I managed to buy two books I’ve been wishing since the dawn of time… okay, not so dramatic but these are two books I really wanted and since I had some money that I saved, I thought “why not?”. They were waiting for me at two of my local bookstore so I grabbed them and their mine!

-Physical Books-

Insta SundayShowcase

IconsClockcork Angel

  • Icons [Icons #1] – Margaret Stohl (I couldn’t resist when I saw this book at Bertrand… There was the second one as well but I preferred to buy only this one and if I happen to thoroughly enjoy it, I might consider buying the second one straight away :P);
  • Clockwork Angel [The Infernal Devices #1] – Cassandra Clare (Oh yeah!! I FINALLY bought this!! I’m really looking forward to read this one because there are a lot of people who prefer this series to The Mortal Instruments. et’s see in which category I fall into :D);

-NetGalley/ Edelweiss-

As Red as Blood The Veil

  • As Red as Blood [Lumikki Andersson #1] – Salla Simukka (This isn’t my usual type of book but when I read the synopsis I got a Jasper Dent vibe and I couldn’t resist it. Hopefully it’ll be an exciting read out of my comfortable zone!);
  • The Veil [The Fianna Trilogy #3] – Megan Chance (This is the third book of this series. I had previously downloaded the second one without knowing it was the sequel – I thought it was the first! – and I just requested on NetGalley the very first book. The Veil was on Read Now so I decided to download and if the first book happens to be accepted, I’ll binge-read the series :D);

-Sent by Author(s)-

Book to Come Zaria Fierce

  • Awakened [Resilient #2] – Patricia Vanasse (Well, you already know that this book doesn’t have a cover yet – hope to be able to do some kind of cover reveal or something – and that I’ve read it. On this week’s Friday Reads I’ve posted it and I also mentioned that on July 14th there’ll be a Blog Tour stop here on the blog with a review of the book… so keep an eye out :P);
  • Zaria Fierce and the Secret of Gloomwood Forest – Keira Gillett (I still need to confirm my Blog Tour date for this book since I wanted to read Awakened before picking this one up. And since I was invited by the author and the plot sounded too cute, I’m looking forward to share my thoughts on this book);


Showcase Sunday (#65)

Getting ready to finally reach up my Goodreads Challenge (it seems like I’m always behind scheduled… really?!). So, check out what I got from NetGalley to try to reach my goal of being only 1/2 books behind schedule (currently, I’m 7…. it sucks a great deal!!!):

-NetGalley/ Edelweiss-

Hardwired Supernatural Enhancements

  • Hardwired – Trisha Leaver & Lindsay Currie (Uh, a book with genetic mutation!!! Plus a character named Lucas – really like that name, don’t know why!! – I needed to get my hands on this book!!!)
  • The Supernatural Enhancements – Edgar Cantero (Okay, I cheated on this book ’cause that’s not the cover I got!! I got this one but I admit, I don’t particularly like it. I prefer the one I posted better!! I read the plot and saw it had a Neil Gaiman-ish twist!!! I don’t care what this is about… they had me at Neil Gaiman :P);


Showcase Sunday (#64)

I’m so sorry that this post is very but very late. Today was cleaning day so I spent all of my day cleaning the house. Still, I managed to come to the laptop – even if after midnight here in Lisbon – and share with you the books I got from NetGalley!! Super excited about them 🙂 Check them out:

-NetGalley/ Edelweiss-

Infinite Miss Mabel Spelled

  • Infinite [Ignite #3] – Erica Crouch (OMG!!! I cannot believe that I have the last book in the Ignite series! I’m not prepared for this but at the same time I need to know what happens!!! I’m pretty sure Erica will simply blow us away with this conclusion and I will always follow her work no matter what :D)
  • Miss Mabel’s School for Girls [The Network Series #1] – Katie Cross (It’s a book about witches!!! And it’s set in a school… do I really need to say more?!);
  • Spelled – Betsy Schow (THOSE SLIPPERS!!!!!! THOSE ARE LOUBOUTIN SLIPPERS!!!! GIMME GIMME!!!! Oh God… I needed this book the moment I read the plot! It’s set on the Wizard of Oz’s Emerald City and it sounds like an amazing fantasy book! And it’s the other way around… the main character has to find the Wizard to undo a spell that sent her parents to … *drum roll*… Kansas!!! I cannot wait to read this book!!!); 


Showcase Sunday (#63)

I am so so so so sorry!!! I haven’t posted one of these for what feels like ages now. Of course I am to blame since I’ve been busy with University but I cannot believe I didn’t managed to take few minutes to share with you the books I got for review. So, this post will have all those pretty awesome books I should have shared with you before 🙂

-NetGalley/ Edelweiss-


  • Witch Hunter [The Witch Hunter #1] – Virginia Boecker (Do I really need to explain the reason I requested this book? It’s a book about witches and the blurb says it’s Graceling meets Game of Thrones! Seriously, what more could I ask for?);
  • Thirteen Days of Midnight – Leo Hunt (I don’t really recall the reason why I requested this one but I’m sure there was a pretty good reason. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s those countdown books where the main character was to do/find something before time goes up… We’ll see how this one goes later :P);
  • The Edge of Forever – Melissa E. Hurst (This book was for free download on Edelweiss and since it’s sci-fi/time-travel book, I thought “why not?”. And, this might sound pretty stupid, but there’s a character named Alora and I kind of liked the name :P) ;
  • The Temple of Doubt – Anne Boles Levy (Another free book from Edelweiss that sounded quite interesting. Not really sure about what to expect from this one but, hopefully, it won’t be that bad :P);
  • Seriously Wicked – Tina Connolly (Another book with witches!!! I saw this book on NetGalley and had to request it. The cover, the synopsis, the fact that it was written by Tina Connolly – I reviewed her Jane Eyre inspired book Ironskin and loved it – just made me want this book even more. Of course that when it was accepted, I literally freaked out. This book made an appearance here on the blog as one of my Wishlist Wednesday :P);
  • The Nowhere Emporium – Ross MacKenzie; (Now, there’s something you need to know: when a blurb says something like “perfect for the fans of Neil Gaiman”, you can bet I will try to get my hands on it. And this one had that on its NetGalley blurb so, after reading what sounded like a very cool story, I had to request it. I’m so glad it got accepted :P)
  • From a Distant Star – Karen McQuestion (The synopsis doesn’t really give that much away but I’m hoping there’s some alien stuff in the book… that was the main reason I downloaded – it was in Read Now on NetGalley – this book in the first place. Plus, I find the cover really sweet :D;
  • Hexed [The Sisters of Witchdown #1] – MIchael Alan Nelson (This book is based on a comic book by the same author. I’m super excited about this one since I requested it on Edelweiss AGES ago and I finally got accepted. If I happen to enjoy only the story, I might try the comic :P);


Showcase Sunday (#62)

This week I got two books to read and review and freak out. Although in amount it was poor, I’m super excited to read these two books. Check them out:

-Sent by Author-


  • Possess [Mary Hades #2] – Sarah Dalton (I’m so bumped to have the continuation of Mary Hades to read. If you don’t remember, I read and reviewed Mary Hades last year and enjoyed it quite a lot. Now, let’s see if this sequel is as enjoyable as the first one);



  • The DUFF – Kody Keplinger (This book is on Read Now on NetGalley. If like me you want to know why everyone loves this book – and wants to read it before watching the movie – I recommend you to go access your NetGalley and download it before it expired! :P)


Showcase Sunday (#61)

This week – more like, Friday – I got an awesome email from NetGalley that just made this whole weird and tiresome week worth! Check out the email I got and then the books I got accepted for review 😉



moonlandsendgame alt=

  • Moonlands – Steven Savile (Okay, the reasons I decided to request this title were the plot – which sounds pretty cool – and the fact that Steven Savile wrote for Doctor Who, Torchwood, Primeval, Stargate, etc… all TV-Series I’m a fan of!! Also, I found out that the author’s birthday is on October 12th…. does it ring a bell?! hehe xD)
  • The Calling [Endgame #1] – James Frey & Nils Johnson-Shelton (I think there’s a controversy because of James Frey but I have to be total honest…. I have no idea what it is. Also, I don’t want to know because I don’t want it to influence me towards this book. I’m super excited that it got accepted ’cause I’ve been eyeing this book for a while – even had it in my hands to buy it but it was way too expensive – and I don’t want any sort of negativity to unconsciously make me dislike it!)
  • The Bell Between Worlds [The Mirror Chronicles #1] – Ian Johnstone (LOOK AT THAT COVER!!!!! *covergams* The main reason I checked out this book was that cover. Then I read the synopsis and it sounded pretty cool so… yeah, requested it and it got accepted and now I’m on Harper Collins UK children’s titles auto-approved :D)


Showcase Sunday (#59)

And another week went by and I barely had time for blogging! Okay, I’m the one to blame since I’m lazy… I’ve started classes and I’ve been slightly tired. Still, I got some pretty nice books this week that I want to share with you! Check them out 😉

– Physical-

Insta Mark Twain

  • The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn – Mark Twain (I will need to read this book for North-American Literature – nope, I’m not repeating the same subject as last semester, that one was Contemporary. I’m pretty excited because I’ve always wanted to read Mark Twain but somehow never managed to do so – I blame Tom Swayer’s cartoon (never liked it!). Actually, this subject is going to be pretty awesome because we’ll be studying a few things that I’m looking forward to – might do a post about it, would you like it?)


GIftedSeaodStars alt= alt= alt= alt=

  • Gifted – Donald Hounam (Well, I’m upset! I received my confirmation email for this book on February 11th! I was so excited I went straight ahead to NetGalley to download this book when I saw it had been achieved on the 8th! Meaning, I could no longer download it despite the fact that my request had been accepted! I’ve contacted NetGalley with this issue because this isn’t the first time this thing happens to me! Have this ever happened to you before?)
  • Sea of Stars [Kricket #2] – Amy A. Bartol (I’m actually auto-approved for this publisher – 47North – on NetGalley so I sometimes lose my mind and download a few titles. This one was one of those that I really wanted because I have the first book – Under Different Stars – on my Kobo so I might try and read them both in a row!)
  • Unseen [Unborn #2] – Amber Lynn Natusch (Another auto-approved book from 47North. I haven’t read the first one, yet, but since this one was “for free”, so to speak, I’ve decided to download it straight away and read both books, again, in a row! Okay, you will notice that the next books will have a comment just like this one and the previous one!)
  • Fireblood [Whispers from Mirrowen #1] – Jeff Wheeler;
  • Dyard-Born [Whispers from Mirrowen #2] – Jeff Wheeler;
  • Poisonwell [Whispers from Mirrowen #3] – Jeff Wheeler (So, this saga – the Whispers from Mirrowen – is yet another downloads from 47North! I admit that it was the cover of Dyard-Born and later on the cover of this one that had me curious about this saga. When I saw all three books on NetGalley, I had to download them ALL. I might pick them up later when I need something more fantastical and magical to ease my mind :D)