Bout of Books 17 {Day 2/3/4}

Bout of Books

Participant 228~ Ner @A Cup of Coffee & a Book

Hello everyone and I’m so so sorry for my lack of updates in these last two days but I was running some errands and pretty much didn’t have time to come to the computer. But today I’m here and I’m going to update you on my (slow) progress and post all the challenges I’ve missed so, please, bear with me 😉

Day 2: Tuesday – 23/08


Reading: Labyrinth Lost – 100% done – page 327  (PDF), 315 (book) | The Bone Witch – 6% done – page 28 (PDF);
Pages Read: 62 pages;
Books Read: 1/4;
Total Pages Read: 176 pages;

Tuesday was a pretty slow day since I had a lot of things to do and barely had time to sit down and read. And when I got home I was so tired I read around 16 pages and fell asleep!! My feeling of accomplishment went downhill from here :S


The Nickster hosted at Bout of Books – Mix ‘n Match

Instructions: Pick out 10-15 books from your shelf, from your local library, or from a local bookstore. They can be any genre, any language, and any length. In each book, flip to a random page and pick the 1st word (articles such as “the”, “and”, “an”, “or”, etc. don’t count as the 1st word). Use all these 1st words to try to create an actual sentence. If the books are in different languages, feel free to translate them to all one language or leave them as they are! also, you can add in some articles, such as “the”, “and”, “an”, “or”, etc., if you want to make the sentence flow better. 

I had a hard time with this challenge since all the words I got barely managed to create a proper sentence. So I took a little bit of liberty and instead of one sentence, I ended up with three that don’t make any sense.

So, here are the books and the words I got:


  • him;
  • staring;
  • freeze;
  • into;
  • oldest;
  • sound;
  • even;
  • long;
  • resemble;
  • learning;

And here is the sentences I came up with:

“The oldest sister was staring into his eyes and they resemble(d) the past long forgotten. She felt herself freeze as the sound of his heartbeat was close to her. She was learning how to control her even breathing but failing at that since she was in love with him.”

See, how pathetic does this sounds? And it doesn’t make any sense at all! But it was the best I could come up with since I’m not that inspired today 😦

Day 3: Wednesday – 24/08


Reading: The Bone Witch – 20% done – page 87 (PDF);
Pages Read: 59 pages;
Books Read: 1/4;
Total Pages Read: 235 pages;

If Tuesday was a slow day for me, what can I say about Wednesday! I think you can gather just how bad it was but I have to be honest, I simply couldn’t read because I was so tired my eyes actually hurt and I didn’t want to force them.


Show Off Your Shelves Photo Challenge – Bout of Books

Wednesday’s challenge was to show-off my bookshelves so it was an easy one to do! So, here are my bookshelves:



I’m missing a few books in these last shelves that are on my mum’s room!! Also, I’m sorry how blurry the pictures are. They looked fine when I took them and only when I uploaded them did I realised they looked horrible :S

Day 4: Thursday- 25/08


Reading: The Bone Witch – 20% done – page 87 (PDF);
Pages Read: 0 pages;
Books Read: 1/4;
Total Pages Read: 235 pages;

Can you believe I haven’t read anything today?! I’m hoping I’ll be able to catch after posting this but so far zero, niente, rien! 


Titles in the Tabloids – The Book Junkie


  • Think about the book you are reading or one that you finished during Bout of Books 17;
  • Create a “tabloid” type headline.  Make it fun, feel free to use sarcasm liberally;

Okay, I’m going to use Labyrinth Lost for this tabloid. Here we go:

“Hormonal teenager sends her family to limbo and blames her dead pet.”

Wow, doesn’t sound at all like the story but this was as close as I could get to a fun title without giving too much away from the story!


Bout of Books 17 {Day 1}

Bout of Books

Participant 228~ Ner @A Cup of Coffee & a Book

Hello everyone and welcome to Day 1 of Bout of Books 17!!!

Day 1: Monday – 22/08


Reading: Labyrinth Lost – 82% done – page 281 (PDF), 269 (book);
Pages Read: 114 pages;
Books Read: 0/4;
Total Pages Read: 114 pages;

Started counting as soon as it was midnight (it was around 1am actually) and I’ve got to admit I’m feeling pretty accomplished.

And I also have to say that tomorrow (day 2) and Wednesday (day 3) might be a little bit slow since I have to run some errands and might not be able to read that much. But I’m determined to finish Labyrinth Lost today and start The Bone Witch so there’s that 😉


Book to Movie Adaptation – Writing My Own Fairy Tale

So, I said I wasn’t sure if I was going to participate in any challenge this time but today’s challenge is so easy I just had to do it. 

In this challenge you have to share your favourite and least favourite book-to-movie adaptation. You can share the reasons why or simply leave the names here. Pretty easy, right? So, here we go:

Favourite book-to-movie adaptation:

Stardust (Neil Gaiman) | Stardust (Matthew Vaughn – 2007)


I might be cheating on this one since I first saw the movie and then read the book but it’s one of my ultimate favourite fantasy books and movies. They’re different, that’s so sure; there are things in the book that don’t appear in the movie and vice-versa. But I think Matthew Vaughn managed to transport into the big screen the wonderful story that Neil Gaiman created, remaining faithful to the source material, but also adding a few new things to make it even more interesting (yes, Captain Shakespeare for instance). In a whole, I think book and movie complete each other 🙂

Least favourite/most hated book-to-movie adaptation:

Beautiful Creatures (Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl) | Beautiful Creatures (Richard LaGravenese 2013)

Beautiful Creatures

Oh man!! You guys have no idea how hyped I was for this movie. It movie had the perfect cast (Jeremy Irons, Emma Thompson AND Viola Davis… really, simply perfect!) and I really loved the book so it had an amazing story to be a perfect movie! But they had to ruin everything! And when I say everything… I mean it! They changed the whole plot, there were things that didn’t make any sense and the ending… the ending!!! I left the cinema so upset, angry and sad… Why do they have this urge to pick up a book and change the whole story? It reminded me that time I went to see Eragon and left the cinema wanting to punch the director! 

Even though Stardust is different from the book, the main plot, the main characters, the essence of the Neil Gaiman’s amazing book is there. As for Beautiful Creatures (and Eragon now that I’ve mentioned it), lost everything in their poor executed movie that had everything to be a blockbuster and the next Twilight/Harry Potter. 

What about you guys? What is your favourite book-to-movie adaptation? And your least favourite?


2016 Reading so Far

As you all know, 2016 has been a pretty difficult and complicated year for me. It has been so hard I barely had the mind to pick up books and read. I’m actually finding in TV-series the refuge I need at the moment which makes me behind my reading challenge. 

I challenged myself to read 50 books this year because I know I won’t be able to read that much. So far I’ve read a total of 3 books and we’re already in March. 

However, the books I read had some impact on me and I did enjoyed them quite a lot. So, I decided to share with you those three books. Here they are:

Angels & Demons [Robert Langdon #1]
Dan Brown
Rating: 4/5 Cups

Angels & Demons is my favourite book by Dan Brown. As you all probably know, I have quite of a crush for Robert Langdon which I can’t quite explain. I just really like him. The reason I re-read this book has to do with a reading-slump I was facing at the beginning of the year. One of the best ways to end a reading-slump is reading a book you’ve read before and enjoyed. And since my best-friend gave me this book in English, I decided to actually read it in the original and see how different the Portuguese edition was. It helped me defeat the reading slump a little and I quite missed reading this book. And since Ron Howard is currently in post-production of Inferno, Dan Brown’s latest Robert Langdon book, I’m thinking about re-reading his books. That’s something I’m still planning but it might be a possibility.

Ruby Red [The Ruby Red Trilogy #1] (Portuguese Edition)
Kersten Gier
Rating: 3/5 Cups

I’ve been wanting to read this book for a while now but never got around to. My best-friend and my mother read it and weren’t that convinced by it so I’ve been rather reluctant. But then some of Booktubers (Sasha mainly) and some bloggers said quite good things about the book so I thought about giving it a try. Truth is, it was decent enough for me to want the rest of it but it wasn’t the best book in the world for me. The main character had quite the sense of humour but the whole time-travel thing was just all over the place. I’m hoping the continuation will clear my confusion and answer a few questions I have.

Rebel of the Sands [Rebel of the Sands #1]
Alwyn Hamilton
Rating: 4/5 Cups

I was really happy when I got approved for this title. And I was even happier when the story was simply amazing. I absolutely loved this one. It’s that sort of book that hooks from chapter one till the very end and it has its twists and turns but it’s so good. I’m really sad that I couldn’t write a review for this one but I did leave a small feedback on NetGalley praising the book. Will definitely keep an eye out for the sequel and I highly recommend it to everyone who enjoys fantasy.


M9B Two for Thursday Book Blitz: Red Magic Series by Jen McConnel {Giveaway} #T4T

Welcome to this week’s Two for Thursday Book Blitz #T4T presented by Month9books/Tantrum Books!

Today, we will be showcasing s fantasy series that may tickle your fancy, and we’ll share what readers have to say about these titles!

You just might find your next read!

This week, #T4T presents to you:

Red Magic Series by Jen McConnel

Be sure to enter the giveaway found at the end of the post!

Daughter of Chaos (#1):


Witches must choose the path they will follow, and Darlena Agara is no exception. She’s been putting it off long enough, and in her case, ignoring it has not made it go away. In a moment of frustration, Darlena chooses to follow Red Magic, figuring she had outsmarted the powers that be, since there’s no such thing as Red Magic. But alas, Darlena’s wrong (again) and she becomes a newly declared Red Witch.

Her friends are shocked and her parents horrified by the choice Darlena has made. As a Red Witch, she now governs one third of the world’s chaos. She is the walking personification of pandemonium, turmoil, and bedlam, just as the patrons of Red Magic would have it to be.

But Darlena believes there must be more to Red Magic than chaos and destruction, and she sets out on a journey to achieve balance. Only doing so puts her at odds with the dark goddess Hecate, who simply will not allow Darlena to quit.

She encourages Darlena to embrace who and what she is and to leave good magic to the good witches. If only Darlena could, life would be simple, and she would not be the Daughter of Chaos.

DAUGHTER OF CHAOS is the first in a YA paranormal trilogy.

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What the Readers are Saying:

“At the beginning, this novel is reminiscent of other popular fantasy novels like the Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling and the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan, but it quickly takes on a life of its own that will appeal to science fiction, fantasy, and young adult fans alike. Darlena’s struggles mirror issues that many teens face, making her a relate-able and likable main character. This is a title with wide appeal that will fly off the shelves.” – Voya Magazine

“Daughter of Chaos by Jen McConnel is a refreshing twist to the YA paranormal genre!” – Dianne, Tome Tender

“Witches and Greek gods! This seriously couldn’t get any better.” – Kelly Hashway, Author

Gods of Chaos (#2):

Gods of Chaos

The gods of chaos cannot be trusted.

Since battling her best friend, Darlena’s grip on Red Magic has been shaky. She heads to Scotland after the Winter Solstice in search of another Red Witch.

On a sightseeing excursion with girls from her hostel, Darlena arrives at The Vaults, a mysterious underground city beneath Edinburgh. But there is something there that make Darlena’s instincts go haywire, as she lets loose a defensive burst of Red Magic, putting everyone around her in danger.

If there was ever a time when Darlena needed the help of another Red witch, it was now. But beware the witch who wields Red Magic.

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What the Readers are Saying:

“I think I’m in love. This book had a totally different ending than what i thought it was. I was honestly surprised.”  Goodreads Reviewer

“Gods of Chaos’ is the phenomenal second installment in a young adult paranormal series.” – Stephanie, A Dream Within A Dream

“There are many twists and turns in this book. The ending was totally unexpected and completely epic.” Intellectual Vixens


Jen McConnel

Jen McConnel now lives and writes in the beautiful state of North Carolina.

When she isn’t crafting worlds of fiction, she teaches writing composition at a community college.

Once upon a time, she was a middle school teacher, a librarian, and a bookseller, but those are stories for another time.

Author Links: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads


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I am extremely sorry for the total lack of updates these past few days. As some of you might remember, I started my last year at University (at least I’m trying for it to be the last year) and I spent the weekend trying to rest and relax before Monday. And yesterday has been slightly complicated for me to come to the laptop. And I haven’t been reading that much so my progress is very slow.

I’m super excited for my new semester at college despite it the fact that I really didn’t want to go back (studying?! Ugh!!). I’m currently doing a minor (a minor course outside your main one) in Archaeology/History. It’s going to be pretty tough to keep up with it since it’s not my main area but I’m really looking forward to learn more about history. It’s important to know history when you’re studying Literature. Being able to know which social events, political and cultural led some authors to write their novels makes it even the more special. Plus, just how cool it is to say that I’m studying Archaeology even if it’s not my degree but a minor part of it? I feel so freaking intelligent when I say that 😀

But now I am back with a few reviews that I’m missing posting (yes, Gathering Deep… I’m talking about you!). There are a few emails I need to send and some posts for my upcoming Read-a-Thon (keep in tune for the official kick-off on Monday :D) coming next week. Super excited about it. So, if you want to sign-up for it, go here.

In the meantime, I want to thank everyone who has already signed-up and a HUGE THANK YOU to my lovely hosts ❤

I also want to say that I couldn’t do the Cover Reveal for The Fallen Prince by Amelie Howard yesterday because I didn’t had time to post it. But I am sharing it today so keep an eye out for that after this post 😉

Also, I currently created a snapchat account.If you want to follow my stories there, you can add me as nerthewitch (and if you want me to follow, let me know) 😉

Thanks for keeping up with me and WELCOME TO NEW FOLLOWERS!!! *waves hand*


M9B Two for Thursday Book Blitz: Boneseeker by Brynn Chapman and Endless by Amanda Gray {Giveaway} #T4T

Welcome to this week’s Two for Thursday Book Blitz #T4T presented by Month9books/Tantrum Books!

Today, we will be showcasing two titles that may tickle your fancy,
and we’ll share what readers have to say about these titles!

You just might find your next read!

This week, #T4T presents to you:

Boneseeker by Brynn Chapman
Endless by Amanda Grey

Be sure to enter the giveaway found at the end of the post!



Arabella Holmes was born different and raised different. After it became apparent she wouldn’t fit the role of a proper 1900′s lady, her father, Sherlock, called in some lingering favors, and landed her a position at the Mutter Museum. The museum was Arabella’s dream; she was to become a purveyor of abnormal science. What her father called a BoneSeeker.

Henry Watson arrives at the Mutter Museum with a double assignment–to become a finder of abnormal antiquities and to watch over and keep Arabella Holmes. An easy ask, if he could only get her to speak to him instead of throwing knives in his general direction.

But this is no time for child’s play. The two teens are assigned to a most secret exploration, when the hand of a Nephilim is unearthed in upstate New York. Soon, Arabella and Henry are caught in a fight for their lives as scientific debate swirls around them. Are the bones from a Neanderthal … or are they living proof of fallen angels, who supposedly mated with humans according to ancient scrolls?

Sent to recover the skeleton, they discover they are the second team to have been deployed and the entire first team is dead. And now they must trust their instincts and rely on one another in order to survive and uncover the truth.

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What the Readers are Saying:

For the love of all things Sherlock! I loved this book to bits. I felt like I was seeing old friends.”Kristie @Lost in Ever After

“Boneseeker is one that fans of historical mysteries and a little bit romance along the way will enjoy.”Jenea, Reviewer

“A fab idea to take Holmes and Watson to the next generation and to have them on a kind of steampunk/ science adventure” – Nicky Peacock, Author


Brynn Chapman

Born and raised in western Pennsylvania, Brynn Chapman is the daughter of two teachers. Her writing reflects her passions: science, history and love—not necessarily in that order.

In real life, the geek gene runs strong in her family, as does the Asperger’s syndrome. Her writing reflects her experience as a pediatric therapist and her interactions with society’s downtrodden. In fiction, she’s a strong believer in underdogs and happily-ever-afters.

She also writes non-fiction and lectures on the subjects of autism and sensory integration and is a medical contributor to online journal The Age of Autism.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads | Pinterest




Jenny Kramer knows she isn’t normal. After all, not everybody can see the past lives of people around them. When she befriends Ben Daulton, resident new boy, the pair stumbles on an old music box with instructions for “mesmerization” and discover they may have more in common than they thought.

Like a past life.

Using the instructions in the music box, Ben and Jenny share a dream that transports them to Romanov Russia and leads them to believe they have been there together before. But they weren’t alone. Nikolai, the mysterious young man Jenny has been seeing in her own dreams was there, too. When Nikolai appears next door, Jenny is forced to acknowledge that he has traveled through time and space to find her. Doing so means he has defied the laws of time, and the Order, an ominous organization tasked with keeping people in the correct time, is determined to send him back. While Ben, Jenny and Nikolai race against the clock — and the Order — the trio discovers a link that joins them in life — and beyond death.

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What the Readers are Saying:

“I thought this book was pretty amazing – the characters, the setting and the adventure all came together to create this romantic yet ultimately dangerous story with a perfect time travel twist!”Hannah @Lemonade Library

“I started reading this not knowing completely what the story was about but there’s an amazing love story as well as a bit of history thrown into the mix along with some time travel and a soul mate and reincarnation!” – Anna @Bound in Ink Books

“This book is a very interesting twist on time travel, history and romance, something I would love to see adapted on the big screen in the future.” Lyn @Reading Tsinoy


Amanda Gray believes in magic and fantasy and possibilities. She is a team of two bestselling authors who live only miles apart but have never met in person. They talk on the phone and are the best of friends and between them have written more than a dozen novels and novellas and have had their work appear on television.


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Showcase Sunday (#60)

Time is going oh so fast is making me dizzy! It feels as if it was only yesterday when I posted my last Showcase Sunday and here I am, posting yet another one!




2014 Challenges Wrap-Up

I know this post comes slightly late in the year but, to be honest with you all, if it weren’t for Inês I would probably not even post it. Because my 2014 challenges went from bad to worse.

Ner Challenges Wrap-UpSo, last year I had challenged myself to, literally, a bunch of challenges and I only managed to keep up with, at least, two. Last year was a really bad year for me when it comes to challenges but despite it all I’m proud of what I’ve managed.

completedFor my Goodreads Reading Challenge I’ve managed to read all 65 books I had promised myself to read. I didn’t read more because from September to December I had a really busy time with University and some personal issues and I hope his year won’t be as complicated as 2014.

My Re-Read Harry Potter Challenge unfortunately I couldn’t finish having read six of the seven books of the series. And for my other challenges, I admit that I barely kept track of them so I’m kind of at loss on how they went. Let’s just say that I didn’t completed them… not even close to finish them.

Inês Challenges Wrap-UpAs for Inês, she did slightly better than me last year when it come to her challenges. She signed-up for the Finish Series Challenge and she managed to conclude two of her sagas: The Cousin’s War by Philippa Gregory; Shadowfell by Juliet Marillier and Trylle by Amanda Hocking.

She also had a personal challenge of her own where she would read several new authors and the ones she “met” were: Suzanne Collins (The Hunger Games); Jules Watson (The Raven Queen) and Jacqueline Carey (Kushiel’s Dart).

She had challenged herself to read 50 book but only ended up reading 28. Still, a pretty nice achievement 🙂

How was your 2014? Did you managed to do all your challenges and read all the books you’ve proposed yourself to read? Let us know by leaving a comment below 🙂


Falling for Autumn 2014 Read-a-Thon – Updates

Hello everyone 🙂

I hope this week has been wonderful to you and that you have been enjoying the Falling for Autumn Read-a-Thon.

I think you’ve noticed that I haven’t been around this whole week and that a few links in some posts aren’t working properly. Or that you’ve commented and tweeted me and I didn’t replied. I wanted to apologised for being totally missed in action but this last week was catching up in University, still grieving for my grandfather and babysitting by niece.

I truly haven’t had the time to come to the computer. I was going to be part of the read-a-thon as a participant but I couldn’t even read properly due to tiredness. 

However, I am currently checking out everyone’s progress and everyone’s comments. Thank you so much for the support and dedication. Seeing the amount of participants that signed-up for this is making me sad that I didn’t come here during the entire week.

I am “repairing” the links that aren’t working and any mistakes that I didn’t see when I scheduled the guest-posts. 

In the meantime, here’s what has happened so far in the read-a-thon:

I’m so sorry once again and I hope you’ll have a great weekend – continue reading ’cause there’s still a lot more to come tomorrow 😉

Now, for my wonderful hosts: YOU GUYS ARE SIMPLY THE BEST!!! I loved every single post you published and all you challenges/guest-post. I haven’t said anything, sent emails, re-tweeted or replied back but I owe you a lot. This read-a-thon wouldn’t be possible without you. I LOVE YOU ALL ❤

XX Ner


I’m so very sorry for the lack of updates but there has been a death in my family – my grandfather (my father’s father) – and I haven’t had the strength to update the blog apart from the Falling for Autumn schedule which I had promised would go live Wednesday.

Hopefully I will be able to sit down and at least post a review during the weekend. But I won’t promise anything. Those who have lost someone dear know that in these moments we don’t really want to do anything apart from being alone and grieve.

The read-a-thon will kick-off Monday and there’s still time for you to sign-up if you haven’t done so yet. Just click here 🙂

Thank you so much for your understand ^_^

XX Ner


The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies [Poster #1]

Peter Jackson released through his Facebook page a Comic Con teaser poster for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (which, for those who have been living under a rock, is the brand new title for the third instalment).

The movie is set to be released on December 12th this year and I am super duper excited about it.

Before the movie is released, the cast will attend San Diego Comic Con and, hopefully, a teaser or a trailer will be released for the fans to freak out even more.

The poster features Luke Evan’s character Bard clearly ready to face Smaug, the Stupendous.


I’ve got to admit, this poster looks freaking..


XX Ner

Review: Madly, Deeply

Review by Ner:
Madly, Deeply

Author: Erica Crouch
Release Date: June 17th, 2014
Publisher: Patchwork Press
Pages: 209 (Paperback)
Format: ebook
Genre: Fantasy | Retelling | Romance
Idiom: English
Read: from June 29 to 30, 2014
Source & Shelf: NetGalley | Kobo



It was many and many a year ago,
In a kingdom by the sea…

Annaleigh Wells and William Calloway had a love even the angels envied. It was as if the universe spun them toward one another, like the stars crafted their souls to fit perfectly together.

With a wedding on the horizon, fate had a change of heart. Whispered warnings from phantoms and morbid nightmares darkened every night—but even visions of the future couldn’t save Annaleigh.

Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s poem Annabel Lee, Crouch’s period romance Madly, Deeply tells the tale of love so great, it cannot be contained in just one life.

My Opinion:

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Madly, Deeply touched a nerve, moving me in a deep way I can only say that I finished this book crying. Not only because it is a sad story, but because Erica Crouch’s way of describing profound and raw emotions is so beautiful you can’t really help yourself.

This book is based on Edgar Allan Poe’s poem Annabel Lee. It follows Annaleigh Wells and William Calloway, two lovebirds who romance is simply perfect. However, their love story is doomed and on their wedding day the most terrible thing happens!

Annabel Lee is one of my favourite poems by Poe. There’s a musicality to it that is breathtaking and Erica Crouch did an astonishing job in transporting the poem into prose. The way she describes the characters, the environment, the pain and romance, everything leads to such a beautiful tale I recommend everyone who enjoys Poe’s work to give it a try.

I adored the gothic vibe this novel transmitted. There was this supernatural twist to the story that felt so natural, just like the characters did, without being too much or crushing the initial concept of the story. Everything in this book felt real, palpable and simply realistic.

There were several details scattered throughout the whole book regarding Poe’s work. I enjoyed reading them and connecting them together. It made me grin and simply bow down to how delicate they were but at the same time how it felt like a special dedication.

Though the beginning of this story was light and filled with romance, towards the end we have a feeling of desperation, an emptiness that slowly begins to consume William and you can’t help it; you end up crying. I did cry while reading, not once because I was so sad about what had happened but also because the descriptions were so genuine I felt it within my veins. Also, because it brought back some memories from my own personal losses!

Erica Crouch delivers us a painfully beautiful, hauntingly awe-inspiring and emotional tale that will leave you in tears. Madly, Deeply is surely a perfect allegiance to its original.

XX Ner

Review: Unwept

Review by Ner:

Authors: Tracy Hickman & Laura Hickamn
Release Date: July 1st, 2014
Publisher: Tor Books
Pages: 272 (Hardcover)
Format: PDF
 YA| Fantasy Paranormal
Series: The Nightbirds #1
Idiom: English
Read: from June 1 to 3, 2014
Source & Shelf: NetGalley | Kobo
9780765332035 (Hardcover)



Gamin, Maine, is a remote seaside town where everyone seems to know Ellis Harkington better than she knows herself—but she doesn’t remember any of them.

Unknown events have robbed Ellis of her memory. Concerned individuals, who purport to be her friends and loved ones, insist that she simply needs to recuperate, that her memories may return in time, but refuse to divulge what has brought her to this state. For her own sake, so they say.

Ellis finds herself adrift in a town of ominous mysteries, cryptic hints, and disturbingly familiar strangers. The Nightbirds, a clique of fashionable young men and women, claim her as one of their own, but who among them can she truly trust? And what of the phantom suitor who visits her in her dreams? Is he a memory, a figment of her imagination, or a living nightmare beyond rational explanation?

Only her lost past hold the answers she seeks—if she can uncover its secrets before she fall prey to an unearthly killer.

My Opinion:

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

You have no idea how hard it was for me to rate this book. You know those books you’ve read and don’t know if you liked it, understood it or even felt it? Unwept is definitely one of those!

Unwept is a book about death. Right in the prologue you can feel how morbid the book will be. But after a slow beginning and a lot of headaches – because, you know, you have no idea what the heck is going on – it slowly begins to unfold the true meaning behind the sinister city of Gamin and the peculiar group entitled Nightbirds.

Well, the only way to describe and review this book is by saying this: prepare yourself for the weirdest of the weirdest rides you’ll ever read.

The premise was beyond interesting. A young girl with no recollection of what happened to her is taken to a city where everyone knows her and will eventually help her bring back her memories. Okay, it sounds good. But then, murders begin to happen and her memories might be the key to reveal the truth. Hell yeah, that’s what I’m talking about.

However, the truth was revealed so slowly it made my toe-nails curl; the true identity of the Nightbirds and their purpose was so slow to be expose it made my heart palpitating. And the slowness plus the weirdness plus the cliffhanger plus the “I-still-have-no-idea-what’s-going-on-here” made me dislike this book slightly.

But only slightly.

Because, overall, I was hooked since the beginning, always trying to find out if my theories were correct, always waiting for the truth to be told, always expecting for something to happen. And when everything happened, you are left wanting more because there’s a lot of question swirling in your mind that you need answers to.

Unwept was a bizarre, uncanny, weird and odd book that hooks you in its webs of enigma and leaves you craving for more. Even if that more thing you want is only to figure out the whole story… because a lot more is still to come (for sure!)

XX Ner

Review: Alias Hook

Review by Ner:
Alias Hook

Author: Lisa Jensen
Release Date: July 8th, 2014
Publisher: Thomas Dunne Books
Pages: 368 (Hardcover)
Format: ebook
Genre: Fantasy | Retelling | Romance
Idiom: English
Read: from June 12 to 16, 2014
Source & Shelf: NetGalley | Kobo



“Every child knows how the story ends. The wicked pirate captain is flung overboard, caught in the jaws of the monster crocodile who drags him down to a watery grave. But it was not yet my time to die. It’s my fate to be trapped here forever, in a nightmare of childhood fancy, with that infernal, eternal boy.”

Meet Captain James Benjamin Hook, a witty, educated Restoration-era privateer cursed to play villain to a pack of malicious little boys in a pointless war that never ends. But everything changes when Stella Parrish, a forbidden grown woman, dreams her way to the Neverland in defiance of Pan’s rules. From the glamour of the Fairy Revels, to the secret ceremonies of the First Tribes, to the mysterious underwater temple beneath the Mermaid Lagoon, the magical forces of the Neverland open up for Stella as they never have for Hook. And in the pirate captain himself, she begins to see someone far more complex than the storybook villain. 

With Stella’s knowledge of folk and fairy tales, she might be Hook’s last chance for redemption and release if they can break his curse before Pan and his warrior boys hunt her down and drag Hook back to their neverending game. Alias Hook by Lisa Jensen is a beautifully and romantically written adult fairy tale.

My Opinion:

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Peter Pan is one of my favourite classics and a book that changed my point-of-view towards growing-up. Therefore, Alias Hook was a must-read-book for me since it features one of the most intriguing characters in literature and one of personal favourites: Captain Hook.

Sorry not sorry about sharing this! THIS is how I kept picturing Captain Hook while reading the book! DAMN YOU ONCE UPON A TIME!!!

Alias Hook tells the story of Captain James Hook; how he became this infamous pirate and how he ended up stuck in Neverland with Peter Pan and the Lost Boys. It focuses mainly on his endless struggle in finding a way to leave Neverland – even if by leaving he has to die. But he can’t really die – though he might have some fights with his archenemy and end up in the bottom of the ocean, he simply cannot die. And he has been living in Neverland for 200 years. Then, out of nowhere and not entirely sure how that is even possible, a grown-up woman appears in Neverland and her presence will change everything… absolutely everything!

In this book the villain becomes the hero and the hero becomes the villain. And this new hero is a tragic one: he was brought up during the 18th Century, he was betrayed and was caught in this curse where he has to open his eyes. One of the things I loved about his character was his heart: he has seen his crews – because he had more than one crew throughout his time stuck in the Neverland – die and cannot cope with more deaths in his semi-immortal life; he cannot hear the ticking sound because it reminds him of how stuck he is in this eternal Neverland; and when Parrish, a grown-up woman shows up, he cannot deal with the fact that he might have to sacrifice her to be free. In general Captain James Hook is only human.

Alias Hook was very well explored and developed. Certain questions that we might had whilst reading the original tale are slowly explained in this book. And I loved the idea of Neverland being under a spell where time stops and only when Peter Pan is dead can Hook be free. But Peter Pan cannot die because if that happens, the only haven for children would be lost. And I also enjoyed the small details that connects this story to the original… they were so well put in the book I couldn’t help but grin whenever I came across one.

However, since this book is only told by Captain Hook himself, there were moments when I would get slightly tired of his incessant depression. Sometimes he would have internal monologues where he would only curse his bad luck and that would be, sometimes, tiring.

Still, the idea of having an intersection between Neverland and the real world was rather interesting. Whenever something in Neverland happened – which was the main setting in the book – a chapter about his past life would be added explaining his character. It was exciting to be able to meet his life before becoming the famous Captain in the famous story for children.

Stella Parrish’s character was slightly annoying but I did enjoy her. She was brought to Neverland by something calling to her – at first she thinks its Peter and the Lost Boys looking for a mother. But the truth is rather surprising to both Parrish and Hook. She was a 20th century troubled and broken woman whose life hasn’t been kind. With the help of Hook and helping him back, together they face their pasts and fears in search for their way out.

Of course this isn’t a book for children. Children would not understand the state in which these characters are and Pan’s own dim personality. The deaths, the sex scenes, the misery and pain are too grim and detailed for a child to read and comprehend but someone who always saw the original story as a motivator to grow-up, this will definitely be the tale to read.

Alias Hook was a piece of noble literature that is moving, sad, tragic and beautiful. Lisa Jensen wrote a book filled with details, magic and love and this book will definitely conquer the hearts of those who wish Neverland to be so much more and those who’ve always wanted something more to Captain Hook.

XX Ner

Review: Midnight Thief

Review by Ner:
Midnight Thief

Author: Livia Blackburne
Release Date: July 8th, 2014
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion
Pages: 368 (Hardcover)
Format: PDF
Genre: Fantasy | YA Paranormal
Series: Midnight Thief #1
Idiom: English
Read: from June 9 to 12, 2014
Source & Shelf: NetGalley | Kobo


Growing up on Forge’s streets has taught Kyra how to stretch a coin. And when that’s not enough, her uncanny ability to scale walls and bypass guards helps her take what she needs.

But when the leader of the Assassins Guild offers Kyra a lucrative job, she hesitates. She knows how to get by on her own, and she’s not sure she wants to play by his rules. But he’s persistent—and darkly attractive—and Kyra can’t quite resist his pull.

Tristam of Brancel is a young Palace knight on a mission. After his best friend is brutally murdered by Demon Riders, a clan of vicious warriors who ride bloodthirsty wildcats, Tristam vows to take them down. But as his investigation deepens, he finds his efforts thwarted by a talented thief, one who sneaks past Palace defenses with uncanny ease.

When a fateful raid throws Kyra and Tristam together, the two enemies realize that their best chance at survival—and vengeance—might be to join forces. And as their loyalties are tested to the breaking point, they learn a startling secret about Kyra’s past that threatens to reshape both their lives.

My Opinion:

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This was such an amazing reading. I was pretty sure I was going to enjoy this book and, truth be told, I was not disappointed. Livia Blackburne created an amazing fantasy book that I can only wish to continue being part of.

Midnight Thief tells the story of Kyra, a thief whose skills are unique and incomparable. Being the newly member of the Assassins’ Guild, she finds herself in deep trouble and not knowing where her path/decisions might lead. Then you have Tristam whose life is suddenly changed when his best-friend dies and he’s after his killer with his heart filled with vengeance. And wrapped within all this we have a sinister plot by the Assassins’ Guild which slowly becomes bigger and intricate. Not to mention wildcats that are not exactly wildcats…

All the ingredients to be an astonishing fantasy book: thieves, assassins, knights, romance, betrayal and much more.

Livia Blackburne’s writing was one of the highest points in this book. You can notice how careful she was about every detail and every character. Nothing was left to chance; everything would lead to the development of characters and plot, building up tension and leaving us wondering what would happen and eager for more. Written from Kyra’s and Tristam’s perspectives, it was easy to simply get inside these two characters and be part of them.

Speaking about the characters, they were the second highlight in this book. Kyra might be a thief but not a normal one. I enjoyed her character very much. She was strong and extremely human when it comes to help those in need. We could see this tender care she had for those who lived in the streets and how she would give everything to help them. Having being literally brought up on the streets, she knows how harsh life can be. And we can see how strong she is with the development of her own identity. Something happens that will forever change her and she still embraces her humanity with such a grip it’s almost shatter-proof.

Kyra’s best-friend Flick has been taking care of her for a while now and their friendship was sweet and affectionate. Though his character didn’t had the magnitude I was expecting, I did enjoy him and how much he cared for Kyra.

Within the Assassins’ Guild we have the leader James, a character I’m still not sure what to think of. At first his character attracted me and made me curious to know more about him, his life and, consequently, his future. But as the story unfolds, I’ve realised that he’s much more that meets the eye and I’m pretty sure he’s going to shock me even more in the continuation. His attitudes were arrogant, manipulative and mischievous and I have no idea whether to trust him or not. A pure mystery…

Tristam, on the other hand, is an open book as a character. Is easy to know what he feels and thinks. He’s a character that goes from being a page to a knight and whose heart is torn between loyalty to Forge, his friend’s vendetta and now this new person within his life who isn’t what he first thought she was. Initially he’s a character that we don’t really care that much but he then grows on you. Quite the opposite of James.

Though I was rooting for Tristam and Kyra, I know that the romance in this book was too fast and, perhaps, not too deep as I would like. In my humble opinion, Kyra’s heart is locked due to what she initially felt towards James and she’s extremely scared of being hurt. Therefore, her romance with Tristam is quite undeveloped and held down. Hopefully Livia Blackburne will explore this better in her next books.

The pace of the book was, I dare say, the only reason I didn’t gave this book more than 4 cups/stars. The beginning of the book was slightly slow for me. Though we got the chance to meet the characters and get into this new fantastic universe, I was waiting for some action to happen, something exciting. Then, after something happens – it involves Kyra meeting Tristam properly – did I have the feeling that the tension was building up and the pace getting faster.

There were a few plot twists in the end that were slightly predictable but I didn’t mind them. I wanted to read more and more only to find out the truth and get into those twists and turns. It is one of those books where you really don’t mind already knowing what’s going to happen… it makes you even more interested in getting to the point where your theory will be proved.

Midnight Thief was such an astounding book filled with remarkable characters and a world that will slowly conquer your heart. A fantasy story that I’m sure will be massive for fans of Sarah J. Maas, Trudi Canavan and Kristin Cashore and will endure for years. I definitely became a fan of Midnight Thief and will continue this series.

XX Ner

Review: Sweet Unrest

Review by Ner:
Sweet Unrest

Author: Lisa Maxwell
Release Date: October 8th, 2014
Publisher: Flux
Pages: 336 (Paperback)
Format: Paperback
 Romance | YAParanormal
Idiom: English
Read: from May 22 to 25, 2014
Source & Shelf: NetGalley | Kobo



Lucy Aimes has always been practical. But try as she might, she can’t come up with a logical explanation for the recurring dreams that have always haunted her. Dark dreams. Dreams of a long-ago place filled with people she shouldn’t know…but does.

When her family moves to a New Orleans plantation, Lucy’s dreams become more intense, and her search for answers draws her reluctantly into the old city’s world of Voodoo and mysticism. There, Lucy finds Alex, a mysterious boy who behaves as if they’ve known each other forever. Lucy knows Alex is hiding something, and her rational side doesn’t want to be drawn to him. But she is.

As she tries to uncover Alex’s secrets, a killer strikes close to home, and Lucy finds herself ensnared in a century-old vendetta. With the lives of everyone she loves in danger, Lucy will have to unravel the mystery of her dreams before it all comes to a deadly finish.

My Opinion:

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Sweet Unrest is that type of book that you have no idea where it’s going but you continue reading because you want to find out. When you start reading it, your mind begins to draw different scenarios and endings but in the end it leaves you completely surprised and utterly in shock.

Lucy Aimes has always been assaulted by weird and vivid dreams. She can’t make them out but they terrify her. Her family move to New Orleans and that’s when everything begins to morph. Then she meets Alex, an enigmatic stranger who captures her attention but there’s something odd about him. When she finally begins to dig the truth, she finds herself within a bubble of mysticism, voodoo, curses, past lives and much more she wasn’t expecting and intertwine.

I enjoyed this book so much not only because of Lucy, who was a brilliant main character with a voice that was easy enough to follow, but because of the whole atmosphere surrounding the plot. New Orleans sure is the right setting for a story like this one and that was, also, one of the reasons why I enjoyed it so much.

I’ve been finding myself reading a lot of books set in Louisiana… not sure if that’s good or not but I know I do enjoy it!

Lucy was, as I mentioned, an amazing character. I loved how she was so human and ordinary, such an easy-going and down-to-earth young girl I never got tired of her. I also did like her slow development and how she embraces the truth about her dreams and Alex and everything around her.

As for Alex, I don’t really want to get into much details about him really only because he’s such a complex and unexplained and so-outta-this-world character that if I begin, I’ll spoil the whole of the book. And I’m surely trying to avoid that 😉

Lucy is thrust into a curse that is 100 years old. A curse that will break her heart, crush her dreams and open her eyes to small wonders in the world. And the end of the book was so shattering I still cannot believe there is a YA book out there that ends abruptly like this. I normally read happy endings and there’s nothing happy about this.

This is not a book to have you all swooning and squealing; this is a heart crushing book. The end will leave you completely in shock and desperate for a sequel because it cannot, but cannot, end like this.

Trust me!

Overall, Sweet Unrest is a hauntingly brave book with a spine-chilling, mystifying atmosphere filled with the wonders and bewilderment that only New Orleans can bring.

XX Ner

Review: Living Dead in Dallas

Review by Ner
Living Dead in Dallas

Author: Charlaine Harris
Release Date: May 2010 (originally March 26th, 2001)
Publisher: Gollancz
Pages: 276 (Paperback)
Format: Paperback
 Vampires | UF Paranormal
Series: Sookie Stackhouse #2
Idiom: English
Read: from May 12 to 14, 2014
Source & Shelf: Gift | Own
9780575089389 (Paperback)


Cocktail waitress Sookie Stackhouse is having a streak of bad luck. First her co-worker is killed, and no one seems to care. Then she comes face-to-face with a beastly creature which gives her a painful and poisonous lashing. Enter the vampires, who graciously suck the poison from her veins (like they didn’t enjoy it).

The point is: they saved her life. So when one of the bloodsuckers asks for a favour, she obliges – and soon Sookie’s in Dallas, using her telepathic skills to search for a missing vampire. She’s supposed to interview certain humans involved, but she makes one condition: the vampires must promise to behave, and let the humans go unharmed.

But that’s easier said than done, and all it takes is one delicious blonde and one small mistake for things to turn deadly…

The Sookie Stackhouse books are delightful Southern Gothic supernatural mysteries, starring Sookie, the telepathic cocktail waitress, and a cast of increasingly colourful characters, including vampires, werewolves and things that really do go bump in the night.

My Opinion:

After finishing Dead Until Dark, I knew I had to pick up Living Dead in Dallas straight away.

Why? Because I’m actually enjoying this series which is quite surprising to be fairly honest. However, I do prefer the first book to this one.

Living Dead in Dallas continues to follow Sookie and her enterprise into the supernatural realm. After finding Lafayette dead inside the sheriff’s car, she’s face to face with a Maenad who wishes to deliver to Eric a message. She’s sent to Dallas by Eric with Bill in order to help some other vampires and things get a bit tricky. When she comes back to Bon Temps – leaving Bill behind because he has some things to do there – she tries to solve Lafayette’s murder with the help of non-other than the roguish Eric.

The problems with this book were simply these:

* It was slower than the first one, which kind of made me slightly bored of Sookie and Bill and all the drama she went through in Dallas;
* The whole group orgy cottage scene that was simply too awkward and, seriously, not at all that necessary;
* Speaking of the orgy scene – Eric’s pink Lycra pants which simply cannot make into my brain.
* The whole Lafayette murder seemed slightly too forced only to be pushed aside for Sookie and Bill to go to Dallas. It would have worked better if they first had figured out who killed Lafayette and then send Sookie to Dallas;

I continue to enjoy Sookie’s sense of humour and sarcasm though in this book I admit she kind of annoyed me. And her relationship with Bill sounded too indifferent, too clinical and without spark which is a cold contrast with the first book.

And I’m still waiting for more Eric and Pam! Though there was a lot more of Eric in this book – seriously, the pink Lycra pants scene is excruciatingly tender for me to even consider it – there wasn’t as much as I appreciated.

However, there were more details about the vampires’ society and the Fellowship of the Sun gave the whole supernatural universe a new meaning. I liked the fact that even within the supernatural bubble there are struggles and uncertainties.

Overall, Living Dead in Dallas was a pleasant sequel to Dead Until Dark though slightly slower than its predecessor but still an entertaining reading.

XX Ner

The A-Z Challenge

Hosted by Nitzan @Drugs Called Books

So, Nitzan came up with this challenge so you have to blame her. Well, not really. She did warned us that this was not supposed to be a challenge for us for follow. It was more of a challenge to herself, but I admit that I found it quite interesting.

Why? Because like her, whenever I see a book that’s free and I like the sound of the synopsis, I download it to my Kobo and I pretty much never ever get around to read it/them.

The prospect of this challenge is for us to read a freebie that starts with each letter of the alphabet. I like it, I sure do, and I’m determined to try this challenge for myself even though I think I won’t be able to fulfil it. 

Well, one can only try right?

However, I did read one or two books that were free so I’m adding those to this list. Can I even do that?

Here’s the list:

A – 
B – 
C – 
D – 
E – 
F – 
G –
H –
I –
J –
K –
L –
M – MILA 2.0: Origins: The Fire [MILA 2.0 #0,5] – Debra Driza
N – Nordic Fairies [Nordic Fairies #1] – Saga Berg
O –
P –
Q –
R – 
S –
T –
V –
W –
X –
Y –
Z – 

Colours scheme:
Red: DNF/Dropped;
Green: Read/Rated/Reviewed;
Blue: Read/Rated/Did not reviewed;

XX Ner

Ner’s Rambling (#3 – Opinions!)

Ner's Ramblings

When I first started blogging, one of the things I wanted was to share my own personal and solemn opinion towards a book or a movie. I wanted the whole world (or as close to that as possible) to know that I had the most amazing experience with a book or that I had the most dreadfully one. Either way, I just wanted people to know what I felt about a particular thing.

As a blogger, I am faced with this fear of being misinterpreted or misunderstood when it comes to an opinion. I know I shouldn’t really care – so to speak – about what others think but I always have this small tiny fear that people won’t like my blog because of my own likings. Meaning: I’m scared that a person who didn’t liked a particular book will not follow my blog because I did enjoyed it.

You might see this as a pathetic thing but for me it’s one of the most important things when it comes to post a review. 

However, there is one thing I dread even more than what I mentioned above: that a fellow reader won’t read a book because I gave a negative opinion. When people comment my negative reviews with “well, if you didn’t liked it I won’t even bother pick it up now!” I feel my heart constrict… seriously.

I don’t really like being the main reason why people didn’t do something they wanted to do in the first place only because I didn’t enjoy it. Mainly because we are all different and our tastes aren’t the same which means that you might happen to enjoy that book.

For instance, Kayla @The Thousand Lives picked up Thin Space after I published my negative review and she enjoyed it much more than I did. I was really happy that she had given the book a try when she was sceptical about it after reading my review and  that she didn’t take my own opinion for granted. You can read her review here

And the same goes to the other way around. 

My friend Carla started reading Under the Never Sky and didn’t even finished it even though I absolutely loved it (as you know, I think, it was one of my favourite books from last year – review). I kept telling her that the book would get better with Roar and all but she eventually gave it up. 

When I loved a book and other person happens not to enjoy it it kind of hurts but it’s a bittersweet pain. It’s bittersweet because at least that person managed to have his/hers own opinion about it without having to stick with mine.

Of course that I sometimes end up not picking up a book because of a negative review, or reading a book based on the positive hype and not enjoying it… but I normally prefer to have my own opinion and then compare it with other bloggers’ reviews. That way I can criticise or marvelled that particular book and/or author(s).

With this I mean to ask you not to stick with my own opinion; don’t say you won’t read something just because I, or any other blogger, wrote a negative or disappointing review about it. Read it and make up your mind about it… who knows, you might find your favourite book amongst my least favourite ones 😉

XX Ner