Review Policy

Since I’ll be starting my last year at Uni, I’ll be only accepting request from Publishers/Authors/Agents that can send physical copies to Portugal.

Thank you for your understanding! 

Firstly, thank you so much for taking time to read my review policy.

Secondly, I am not a professional reviewer therefore all the reviews will be my own and honest opinion about the book and all I felt about it.
I do write some reviews with spoilers but I will leave a warning at the beginning so people can know that.

I hope the fact that I’m Portuguese and live in Lisbon, Portugal will not interfere with me writing a review or being considered to review any work.
I can write in both Portuguese and English but my main one is, definitely, English.

The genres I’d rather review are:

* Young Adult/Middle-Grade/New Adult;
* Dystopian;
* Fantasy;
* Fantasy Romance;
* Urban Fantasy;
* Paranormal;
* Paranormal Romance;
* Fairytale Retelling;
* Horror:
* Comics/Graphic Novels;

* Classics (just as Jane Austen or Dickens);
* Even though I do prefer the genres and sub-genres of the above list, I might accept one or two books from different genres to try it. 

will not accept/review:
* Autobiographies;
* Erotica;
* Self Help;
* Religious Books;
* Children Books;

If you are indeed interested in my reviews, you might send me an e-mail (contact below) and I will try to answer as fast as I can.
If I happen not to answer your e-mail immediately, I apologise and I ask for another chance by giving me at least 72 hours to reply to you.

What I require in the mail is the following information:
* Your name;
* Name of the book;
* Genre;
* If it’s self-published or not (if it’s from a publisher, the name of the published);
* Cover;
* Number of pages and format ;
* If any, links to the book and author;
* If you wish me to do some sort of giveaway or blog tour;
* If you happen to have an estimate time for me to review the book, please add it.

If you are a self-published author, I don’t mind reading your book and do some publicity on the blog. However, I will have some preferences for authors who have a publisher behind. 

As for copies, I would prefer receiving physical copies of the books since those are faster to read.
However, I can also receive ePub’s and PDF’s if you really cannot send a physical copy of the book to my country.

If I happen to accept your book, I will not guarantee your book will be read and reviewed in the estimate time since I am a student.
If I happen not to be able to make it on the estimate time, I’ll send an e-mail back apologising.

If it’s an official ARC book sent by a publisher/agent, I will try my best to review it around the time estimated.

NOTE: I will have preference over some novels. If I happen to receive a request to review a book that has been on my “wishlist”, I will choose it over others.

All the reviews will be posted here on the blog and on Goodreads. If the author/publisher wishes, I might add it on The Book Depository.
I will also publish links to the blog review on Facebook and Twitter.

If you are interested interested, please feel free to contact me at:

My ratings go from 1 (one) to 5 (five). I do try to be fair with the rating and might, sometimes, give a 3,5 (three and a half) stars (cups for the blog) when I’m having doubts.

  • 1 Cup – Not My Cup of Coffee;
  • 1,5 Cups – Could Have Tasted So Much Better;
  • 2 Cups – Not Sweet Enough;
  • 2,5 Cups – Weak Coffee But Enjoyable Enough;
  • 3 Cups – This Coffee is Drinkable;
  • 3,5 Cups – This Is What I Call A Nice Cup of Coffee;
  • 4 Cups – Strong Coffee Means Great Coffee;
  • 4, 5 Cups – This Coffee Is Blissful;
  • 5 Cups – This Coffee Is The Pure Elixir of Gods;


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