Book Haul | August

Book Haul

Hello wonderful people!!

Another month, another book haul!! Even though I didn’t buy any book this month, I managed to get a few through NetGalley that I’m super excited!! 


  • Summerlong – Peter S. Beagle (As soon as I saw this book, I knew I was going to request it no matter what. The cover alone made me want this book without even knowing what the story was all about. Of course that after reading the synopsis, I knew I was definitely going to request it because it sounds amazing!! Really pumped to pick this one up and I hope I’ll be amazed :);
  • Omega [Omega #1] – Lizzy Ford (I’ve been wanting to read this book for a while and when I saw it on NetGalley, I thought it was the best chance for me to finally have the opportunity to do so. And I’m super excited it got approved since I have the prequel (got it on Amazon for free!) and can know what the hype is all about :);
  • The Petrified Flesh [Mirrorworld/ Reckless #1] – Cornelia Funke (I’m so excited for this book. When I saw the name of the author – she wrote Inkheart and though I’ve never read it, I saw the movie and really enjoyed it – I had to try my luck. It sounds amazing so I couldn’t resist :D);


Showcase Sunday (#73)

Last Showcase Sunday before classes!!!

So, tomorrow Monday I’m starting my last year at University and I so don’t want classes to start! I feel like this vacations just went way too fast! Didn’t had time to rest properly! But, at the same time I miss the routine and I’m excited to be back! Let’s pray that this semester goes smoothly.

But, that doesn’t mean that I won’t be showing you all the books I might get. And this week I have quite a few ones that I’m super pumped about!

So, check out the books I got:

-Sent by the Author-


  • Against All Odds – Patricia Vanasse (I was contacted by Patricia asking if I would be interested in reading her contemporary romance book. Though Contemporary isn’t exactly my genre, I know Patricia’s writing to be really good so I thought I should giving it a go! Thank you so much for sending me the book :D);


truthwitchthecasquettegirlsWarren CoverDeathsnifferpalacejobprophecyconpaladincaper


Showcase Sunday (#72)

Showcase Sunday is BACK!!!

I’ve been neglecting this meme/post for a while because I didn’t had that many books to show you. I don’t particular like to post this when I only have one book to show so I normally wait till I have more. Strange, I know. But I’m weird 😛

I did tried to stop requesting or downloading books from NetGalley but it’s impossible.You never know when you’re going to have an opportunity to request/read that book so I end up requesting quite a few books and praying they will be accepted. Some of them I’m still waiting (what’s taking so long?!).

One of the books I’m about to show you I got it two weeks ago. It was sent to me by the author to review and I’ll be hosting a giveaway as soon as I read it and review it. So keep an eye out on that.

Check out the books I got:

-Sent by the Author-


  • Twilight Visitor – Réal Laplaine (I was contacted by author the to read and review this one. And I dare say that the fact that there’s a Portuguese character and the book is set in Portugal was one of the reasons I accepted it. Also, this is a conspiracy book and I haven’t read that many conspiracy books apart from Dan Brown which is a guilty pleasure I have. I’ll be reading and reviewing this one in September and, as I mentioned, there’ll be a giveaway provided by the author so keep an eye out for that :P. Also, thank you Réal for the physical copy of the book :D);
  • The Viper and the Urchin – Celine Jeanjean (You probably will remember this book from this week’s Book Blitz I hosted from XpressoTours. Celine Jeanjean, the author, contacted thanking me for hosting it and also asking if I’d like a copy of the book as a thank you token, no strings attached. Of course I said yes since the main reason I signed-up for the Blitz was the fact that the synopsis sounded pretty interesting. So, thank you so much Celine for the copy of the book :D);



  • The Storm [The Rain #2] – Virginia Bergin (I still need to read the first book – H20 or The Rain – before diving into this one but now I can marathon these two books :D);
  • Never Never – Brianna Shrum (OMG!!! I’ve been wanting to read this book since I first saw it and now I can thanks to NetGalley accepting my request! This is a Peter Pan retelling from Hook’s pov. So, who can say no to that? Definitely reading this one in September :D);
  • Mad about the Hatter – Dakota Chase (This one was on Read Now on NetGalley and I couldn’t resist! Plus, apparently this is some sort of homosexual story with Alice’s brother and the Mad Hatter. I’m so curious about that twist. And it only has around 190 pages so it should be a quick read :D);


Showcase Sunday (#71)


Okay, so, I had kind of placed myself on a “request ban” but I broke it! I did requested a few books and got some that were Read Now on NetGalley!! I’m such a terrible person, I know!

But I got some pretty awesome books so I can’t actually complain. Yay!!

Check out the books I got:

-NetGalley/ Edelweiss-


  • Gambit [The Prodigy Chronicles #1] – C.L. Denault (I got accepted for this book two weeks ago but since I didn’t had any more books to show you, I postponed this book. A sci-fi book where the human race has powers? Yes please!!);
  • Vengeance Road – Erin Bowman (The main reason I requested this book has to do with the fact that I never actually read anything Western. And Erin Bowman is quite a famous author despite the fact that I haven’t read her previous series – Taken – but everyone has been saying quite amazing things about this book. So, I’m pretty intrigued and curious to read this book :P);
  • The Flux [Mancer #2] – Ferrett Steinmetz [I admit that I thought this was the 1st book in a series when I requested it. Still, I’m curious about this videogamemancers… like, what?!);
  • Shadows [The Rephaim #1] – Paula Weston [Casey from Case Ann Reads loves this series and I find it funny that she published this video – here – this week and this book is on Read Now on NetGalley! Which means, we can all know why she loves this series so much :D);
  • Noir [The Illumination Paradox #2] – Jacqueline Garlick (This was on Read Now on NetGalley and since I have the 1st book, why not get the sequel?);


Showcase Sunday (#68)

Hello amazing people! I have been slightly absence from blogging and I blame my new phone (yes, I have a new phone… it’s called Optimus Prime hehe xD). And also because I’m still reading my Master, Dreader’s Pool – really, having a new phone makes it even harder for me to focus on a book! Even a Juliet Marillier’s book :S)

Still, I got some pretty books this week that I’m super excited to share with you. Check them out::

-NetGalley/ Edelweiss-


  • The Witch of Napoli – Michael Schmicker (A historial fiction book with a paranormal twist?! Kirkus Reviews says it’s an amazing book?! Yes, I’ll have a copy, please!);
  • Lair of Dreams [The Diviners #2] – Libba Bray (I haven’t read the first book yet – SAY WHAT? – but this one was on Read Now – and it wasn’t a preview excerpt… I checked! It has 523 pages… a preview normally doesn’t have that many pages, right?! – on NetGalley and I couldn’t control myself. Maybe this’ll be the motivator I need to finally get The Diviners :D);

Now, let me share with you the cover of a book I mentioned on my last Showcase Sunday but totally forgot to put the cover: A Thousand Nights by E.K. Johnston. I don’t know which cover I like the most (mine is the left one)… they are so pretty! Let me know which one you prefer on the comments 😉


And even though this isn’t a new book – I’ve already showed you this book on this Showcase Sunday, I’m leaving here the cover of Awakened [Resilient #2] by Patricia Vanasse (she revealed the cover yesterday on her facebook page and since I have my stop on Tuesday, I thought I should do a small Cover Reveal here on the blog :P):